The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Our Valentine's party

We have the coolest friends in our neighborhood.
For Valentine's day, the boys decided to plan a party, dinner, games and EVERYTHING!!!

This is Randy's cake he made for the party... he made me laugh right before Ronni took the picture.

So Saturday came, the husbands were all busy cooking, organizing, ect.... I was so excited to see how it was all going to work out. Who was coming? What were we eating?
Then Saturday night rolled around.
Randy did the cake.
Paul made yummy ribs and homemade mac and cheese for the kids.
The Moss' brought delicious twice baked potatoes.
The Reynold's brought veggies.
The Rinlisbacher's brought warm rolls.
The Blair's supplied the drinks.

So if you are keeping score, that's...
Me and Randy and our 3 kids
Paul and Heather + 4 kids
Jeff and Chanieca + 4 kids
Brett and Tiffany + 2 kids
Kurt and Kristie + 1 kid
Cam and Ronni + 3 kids (1 was sick at g'mas)
Pete and Angie + 2 kids

I'm not good at math, but I think that's 14 adults and 19 kids!!!! Fun huh? We had a blast!!!!

Paul and Heather were the hosts of The Newlywed Game and we all sucked!!! Just kidding, Jeff and Chanieca broke the tie with Randy and I in overtime. They are the winners!!! We wont say who the losers are, because it's all about LOVE (Pete and Angie).

We had a great time and this was Tyler's room at the end of the night, kids watching a movie and Tyler asleep in his bed, using Lexi's butt as a pillow while she's asleep too!!!

I love having our friends over. I hadn't been feeling great all week, so I was nervous about having friends over. Once they all started to arrive, I realized that it didn't matter. Our friends are comfortable at our house. I could just have fun!!! Great times. Great people. Great food. It was a fabulous night!!! I hope you all had fun on Valentine's day too!!!!


Malea said...

Congrats on having the space and patience to fit everyone! I love your husband's cakes. I cook well, but bake like crap. I'd love to have that talent. What if your man made a special cake to celebrate our Jetette reunion? I'd love to see what he would come up with. Just a thought.

Erin said...

Looks like quite a party! I'm so impressed the men planned it all. What do I need to do to get a little of that to rub off on my man!!?? :)

The Childs said...

I'm jealous! Makes me wish I was there. I miss you guys. It sure sounds like fun though.

Michelle Campbell said...

What a great party!! I love that the guys planned it! What great friends you guys have!!

The Palmers said...

That sounds like it was a blast. How fun! That cake was awesome! Good job Randy!