The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Monday, February 2, 2009


So, I don't get it. I get startled really easy. I get the crap scared out of me just from Randy walking around a corner when I didn't know he was there. Thank goodness he is now in the habit of tapping the walls when he walks down the hall to prevent me from dying to early. Anyhow, the problem with being spooked so easy is that I LOVE scary movies and TV shows!!! I can't watch them alone, even if Randy's asleep on the couch with me... I'm still not alone!!! I was watching Texas Chainsaw Massacre one night, really late and there was about 20 minutes left and I needed to go to the bathroom SO BAD, so I proceeded to wake him up to go to the bathroom with me... you never know when there's gonna be a man waiting in the potty for you with a chainsaw!!! He wasn't annoyed at all (another reason I love him so much). So, last night he was sleeping on the couch and I was laying on his lap watching Paranormal State (one of my favorite scary TV shows), it was about 1am and at a pretty scary part of the show when out of the blue I heard this CRASH come from the kitchen. I about peed my pants. After I threw him off the couch, I told him to go and investigate. He found that the lid had fallen off of the garbage can!!! I thought for sure there was a naughty ghost coming to haunt my house!!!! It took an hour to get my heart to slow down!!! I love that adrenaline rush. I hate it and love it at the same time!!! Ohhhh, isn't it fun?


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Aleisha said...

You ARE HILARIOUS. What a good man you married!!

Kelly and Amber said...

You are too funny!! I laughed out loud on that one!