The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Passing the torch....

I'm a bit of a music geek. I have always memorized music. Whenever I would get a new CD (or tape for that matter), I would lay on my bed and study the insert with the lyrics until I had every song memorized. Well, I've always been proud of my song knowledge until the last few months. There has been TWICE in just the last couple months that Maddison has said a song had certain lyrics, I thought they were different, in fact... INSISTED they were different and she ended up being right!!!! First off, I'm so proud. Second off, I will miss the days when I can brag about knowing song lyrics and challenging anyone to knowing them better than me. My 9 year old daughter is kicking my trash. So, the last, and final time I will challenge her lyric knowledge.... several months ago, Coldplay came out with a song called Viva La Vida, she told me one day that she thought the artists were Mormon because they didn't swear in this song and talked about missionaries. I laughed because I didn't think they said "missionaries". It was before the album came out, so I went on a Yahoo chat and asked what the lyrics were, someone chimed in with the WRONG answer... they said it was something else, "I'm wishing they were here.....something, something" so, dumb me, took that as the right lyrics. Fast forward to last Sunday, I was telling my SIL about how cute it was that Maddison thought it said "missionaries". Amy agreed with her, and her sister did too..... uh ohhh, I'm in trouble. Looked it up, and sure enough MISSIONARIES!!!! So I officially am passing the torch to Maddison. I would probably still challenge other people, but not her. I've learned my lesson. She is the queen!!! As Randy would say right now, "Are you proud your daughter is just like you?" and my answer, "OHHHHH YEAAAAA!!!!".


Alicia H said...

That is so funny. I can totally hear you saying OOOHHH YEAAAA...just like you do. Cute story!

I for one am TERRIBLE with lyrics. I use to think Amadues (spelling?) was HOT POTATOES lol HEE HEE HEE

The Palmers said...

When Dana would get a new CD he would sit down right in front of the CD player, play it and read over the lyrics so he would know them all. I have a little sister Sharon, who is amazing with lyrics because she did the same thing. I always thought it was cute. I never took the time to do it. I LOVE that Cold Play song... the feelings it puts in me... love it! No wonder it got song of the year.

Erin said...

She is such a cutie! You are the ultimate music queen and how fun that you now have a little princess to follow in your footsteps. :)
p.s. Are you ready to recite all of "Shoop" this coming weekend!!??