The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Another year has gone by

It's June 8th again. It's an anniversary that we don't like to remember. Last year, I copied MY POST straight out of Tyler's medical journal that I have kept. If you want to read what happened 8 years ago today, grab a kleenex and read!!!! It was the beginning of the ordeal that lead to Tyler's 2nd life saving surgery. I will never forget the lessons that I learned from that experience that started on June 8th, 2002.

Some of those lessons are:

*When you are praying with pure intent of your heart, the Holy Ghost will guide you. This was the only time in our lives that Randy and I heard an audible voice that was the Holy Ghost telling us what to do.

*Sometimes you don't know why you are going through hard times. Don't ever question WHY, just ask, "what am I supposed to learn from this". You may never know WHY.

*No matter how many people think you are a bitch, you push as hard as you have to and get your child the care YOU KNOW they need. You will never regret it.

*Trials of this magnitude will bring a family together better than anything else.

*Heavenly Father knows what you are made of, even when you don't!!!

Those are just SOME of the many lessons we learned. Sometimes talking about this situation we were in, is like telling a story about someone else. I feel so blessed that Heavenly Father trusted ME to do this. We all needed to learn lessons that we could only learn one way and he trusted ME to be a tool in helping to teach those lessons? Amazing.

To learn more about CDH, please go to their website. There are parents that are expecting CHERUBS every single day and there are CHERUBS that earn their wings and return to Heaven every single day. We still don't know WHAT causes CDH. There is a lot of mystery around this horrible birth defect. Hopefully one day, we will raise enough awareness and earn enough money to really get to the bottom of how we can eliminate it all together, until then, I want you all to go to the CHERUBS website and if you feel that you can donate any money at all, I promise it will go a long way and if you're not in a position to donate money, send the link to someone, or a lot of someones!!!!

I'm so glad our son has defied so many terrible odds that have been against him. What a fighter he is. A very special spirit.

I love you, my little man!!!


Peggy Clyde. said...

Thanks for the beautiful story. It made me cry all over again. Oh, how I love that boy!!

Our ABC Family said...

You guys are such an amazing and strong family! You guys have had to endure so much, and are such examples to many including us!
We don't know Tyler very well, but I can tell he is going to do such amazing things! Glad I have the opportunity to say he's our cousin and get to see what life has in store for him!

Brenda said...

So many blessings.

Lindsay said...

he is such a stud!