The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Out with the old, in with the NEW and SHINY!!!!

Randy has searched the world over and finally found true love..... with a truck!!!!! He has had his old truck since right before we had Tyler. It's a 2000. With the help of my best friend and her sweet husband that own a dealership in AZ, they found us the PERFECT truck we could ask for!!!! It met all the requirements and when it came to asking for the color of the new truck, what would you guess that it was going to be RED? Hahaha!!!! They look so much alike that some people don't even know we got a new truck!!!! We haven't sold the old one yet, and it's freaking people out because they will see us driving one and the other is in front of our house!!!! That's been fun!!!!

(Yes, that is a cop looking at the truck, no I was not driving and got a ticket, it's Randy's brother that is a UHP Trooper)

The new truck has 4 full doors that open the normal way. The room in the back seat is identical to our Tahoe!!! The kids can walk around back there!!! It has a bigger engine and heavier suspension. It's Randy's perfect match for a truck right now!!!!! He's in Heaven!!!! Although, the new truck is a bit higher than the old truck. I don't know if I need running boards or a diet!!!!

So, here's to Anna and Nephi and their persistence with us!!!! We knew our perfect truck was out there and we finally found it. THANK YOU for all your hard work!!!!! We absolutely love our new truck. Love it, love it, love it!!!!! If you are looking for a truck and need someone to go to auction for you, let me know and I will send along Nephi's number. He's made a lot of my friends and family REALLY happy customers!!!

Get the song? Fire Burning!!!!!! HAHAHA!!!! Red trucks, fire trucks!!!! hahaha!!!!! Ok, fine, I am entertained easily!!!


Malea said...

oooo, I laaaaike yer truuck. But it's not red hot fire burnin' till you take it on the red hot red hill and see how the windows can take the heat with the steam. Am I right? *wink wink, nod nod*

Kellie said...

It is a VERY SEXY truck Ms. Hopie!! I will have to admit I had a hard time getting in it, but it's waaaayyy nice!! Congrats to you and ur hubby!!

Rachel Doyle said...

Ooh we so need a new SUV -- I might just have to call them up.

Nettie said...

YEAH!!! Anna and Nephi are amazing! It is a B-E-A_ utiful truck! =) And roomy enough for your little addition. =) yeah!! I miss you by the way, I really need to stop by and see that cute baby, and get a little Hopie fix!

Erin said...

Beautiful new wheels!!! Love it. A great truck to cruise the "bulevard" in. ;)
p.s. I have no clue how to spell that?

Michael said...

Nice ride! Good blog too, will have to pop back soon.