The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Wanna get married?

A couple of weekends ago, we went to Vegas for my cousin's wedding!!! It was a blast!!!! I love the pictures and I love being down there, so I couldn't resist blogging about it!!!

We always have a blast down there. We stay at my Aunt Vicky's house and it's cool for us because we are as comfortable there are we are in our own house. I don't know how that makes THEM feel, though!!!! haha!!!! This time, my Uncle Gus and cousin, Trey were in Hawaii at a baseball tournament, so Aunt Vicky and KC were the only ones home and then.... HERE COME THE CLYDE'S!!!!! All 6 of us!!!! I bet that was scary!!!

Anyhow, the kids had a great time in the pool and pooped out the day of the wedding before it was time to go. They like to watch movies in Aunt Vicky's bed!!!!! Zzzzzz.........Randy and the baby took a little nap before we left, also!!!!! Awww........

We went to the wedding chapel, right off the Strip. It was a BEAUTIFUL day in Vegas. For June, I think it was like 85!!! Normally 10 degrees hotter, WE'LL TAKE IT!!!!!At this specific wedding chapel, there were a TON of men in uniforms. I guess they give a military discount, so all the newlyweds take advantage of it!!!! We saw every branch but Army. But, I must say that the most handsome of them all was my cousin, Rick!!!! WOOWOO!!!!! Sadly, I didn't get a picture of the bride with my camera :(

Grandma Albrecht and the Groom, Little Rick!!!

Aunt Vicky and KC.... look how cute KC is!!!! MAN, my cousins are adorable!!!

Here's my Grandma, my wild cousin, Rebecca (don't let her cutsie look fool you), me and Aunt Vicky!!!

After the SHORT ceremony (remind me to become a minister in Nevada, those people make BANK!!!!), we went to Nellis Air Force Base for the reception. We had sent in our info for them to get permission for us to get on base. I was hoping they didn't reject me ;) This was mine and Randy's first time on an Air Force Base. I have to admit, I was really anxious about the whole thing. I have never felt like such a target, surely the bad guys know where all of our main military bases are, right? Anyhow, after Randy's strip search (well, at least we teased him about one all day), we were on!!!!!
It was weird, I didn't know it was like a whole town in there!!!!! AMAZING!!!! The reception was at the Officer's Club. It was pretty cool. The groom's mom, my Aunt Rhonda, has rights to the Officer's Club because her dad was retired through the Air Force, so we got good treatment!!!!

Now, this is where my camera died and maybe that was a good thing, no one needs proof of anything that happened at the reception, right? haha!!!! We had a great time. Randy and I sat at a table with my biological dad Scott, his wife Debbie, her daughter Joanna and Jo's husband Marc. We love spending time with Jo and Marc!!!! We had a blast!!!! It's funny how the "in-laws" kind of bond together. Randy, Marc, and Rebecca's boy toy, Matt. It's like they have been inducted to a special club!!!!! So fun!!!! The night was celebrated by lots of dancing, Randy taking pictures of himself with the disposable cameras and a very special picture of my cleavage that I put on Rebecca's phone!!! SHE LOVES IT!!!!! I swear, it's probably a good thing she lives in Vegas and I live here, because that girl could get me in trouble!!!! I love her to pieces!!!!

It was a late night and the next morning, we were on our way home again!!!! I loved seeing all my Albrecht family and my niece, Amy!!! It's always a success when we go to Las Vegas!!!!

THANK YOU AUNT VICKY for letting us always invade your house. Hopefully we aren't too bad. And thank you to anyone ;) who helped us out that weekend. It was great to be with Randy!!!!


Brittney Taylor said...

Randy looks like his dad in the picture of him and baby taking a funny...

Kellie said...

Sounds like u guys had a fun time!! LOVE the pics!!