The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Long nights

Randy went to our ward's Father and Son's camp out a few weekends ago, this weekend is Youth Conference and in 2 weekends is the scout High Adventure camp. I miss my snuggle partner so much when he's gone. It's not that I'm scared or can't handle the kids by myself, it's just that here it is after 1am and I don't see any reason to go to bed. I want my husband to sleep with, not just his pillow :( A lot of women don't mind if their husband is gone, some couples don't touch, I'm not one of those women!!!! When we got married, sleeping in a bed with Randy was no biggie for me. I had shared a bed with lots of girls before, that's what girls do. I was on a drill team, so lots of out of town trip got me REALLY used to sleeping with someone in my bed. In fact, my good friend, Kammee was one of the only ones that would sleep with me because everyone else hated me spooning them!!!! I'm an EXTREME snuggler. My Aunt Vicky and Gina can testify to that!!! So when we got married, imagine how excited I was to have a snuggle partner every night!!! Randy, on the other hand, didn't sleep for the first month of our marriage because all of a sudden there was a girl sleeping with him and I was always touching him!!!! I was fine with it, but him? Not so much!!!! I have to say, he got used to it pretty quickly ;) So, maybe I'll go to bed soon and maybe morning will get here soon and I can get one of the kids to snuggle with me!!!!


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Kellie said...

Hope your too cute!! :) I'm the same way though!! I HATE not having Shawn in bed with me!! I'm a BIG time snuggler!! I'm sorry he has to be gone so much!!