The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

14 years already?

Today is our 14th wedding anniversary and it feels weird to me because I keep thinking I'm that 19 year old girl!!! Although, the mirror tells me differently ;)

I could get all ooey gooey about my love for my husband, but if you're a regular reader or know us, you know how much I love him and you also know how hard it must be for Randy not to kill me on a regular basis!!! He is earning rewards in Heaven, I'm sure!!!

My parents have always told Randy (jokingly) if things don't work out with us that they want to keep him and get rid of me!!!! I guess it's fair to say that everyone loves Randy and I'm blessed to be the one that got to marry him!!!

We leave for Disneyland tomorrow. We haven't celebrated our anniversary at D'land since our 2nd anniversary. That was A BLAST!!! Disneyland is such a romantic place.... hear me out.... it's just magical there. You get to stand in lines all day, right next to each other and holding hands. Then you get to go on dark rides and see how many kisses you can sneak in!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!! This time will be a little different than 12 years ago. We will have our 3 beautiful children with us and our little nugget inside me that will move enough to keep me reminded of it's presence!!!! It's going to be a great time, for sure!!!

Anyhow, I just want Randy to know that I love him so much and all joking aside, if I didn't have you, I couldn't be who I am. You enhance everything good in me and tolerate the bad. When I think about eternity, I know that we will have a lot of fun!!!!!

I love you and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!!


Andrea said...

Happy Anniversary!!!! My dad said the same thing to me. That he would keep my hubby. :)

Brenda said...

Happy Anniversary to you guys!

Malea said...

I TOTALLY get it!!! Matt and I got in more hand holding time standing in line that in several weeks worth of car rides into town. I love standing in the Disney line. The kids entertain themselves and are happily contained. What a loverly idea for an anniversary. Have fun you lover birds!!!!

Jeremy Reynolds Family said...

Wow 14 years! We are not even at half of that yet. That is awesome! Hope you are having a great time in Disneyland.

Shane and Brandi said...

Happy Anniversary you two crazy love birds! Have a fun vacation!

Anonymous said...

I know it is late but HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! I wish we were at Disneyland right now.. lucky! :)