The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Friday, October 22, 2010

Following in her daddy's footsteps!!!

Randy is the most accident prone person I know. After the Twin Towers fell on 9-11, I heard that they were having family members make note of their loved one's scars to identify body parts. My first thought, if it was Randy, I would need a notebook!!! Well, Cambelle doesn't get her eyes or her attitude from her daddy, but she did get his luck!!!

When Randy was little, his parents were building their house and he was there. He walked through where the front door was (I think they were framing or something) and a piece of wood feel from the sky and hit Randy in the head!!!! Fast forward to when Cambelle was about 2 or 3. Randy was building a shed in our back yard. Cambelle was playing right by him and as he was framing the trusses, a board slipped from his hand and hit her in the head, resulting in 3 staples!!! For a long time she would tell people that, "daddy hit me in the head with wood"!!!!

Now here we are, if you remember in July when we went camping, she fell on a tree that was broken and it shoved into her arm. That was a trip to Instacare, but thankfully, she didn't need stitches.

Then, there was the cut finger about a month ago with the 3 stitches!!!!

A couple of weeks ago, we were playing at my mom and dad's house and Cambelle fell. She ended up scraping her face pretty good.

2 days later, she was sitting on the foot board of Tyler's bed and slipped, hitting the knob and scraping her whole side!!!! I'm telling you, who needs boys when you have a girl like this!!!

I didn't think much of any of these incidences until I called IHC to pay her bill and they asked, "which Instacare bill for Cambelle"!!! Should I be worried???? Heaven help us all!!!

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Shane and Brandi said...

Don't start to worry until you walk in the Instacare and they say, "Trey what did you do this time?" Or they could say, "I didn't think we were going to get to see you this week." Not that I would know or anything. LOL Good Luck! And what ever you do don't buy that girl a motorcycle! ha ha ha