The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Our ultra sound!!!!

Introducing baby Clyde #4!!! We went for our regular mid-pregnancy ultra sound yesterday and I'm happy to report that everything (as far as the tech could tell us and as far as we could see) looks good!!! We have a healthy little nugget that is growing right on schedule!!! Some of the amazing things this little one can do already is.....

*give attitude when the chick was rubbing the wand on my tummy
*it holds it's LEFT hand, yes, left, up to it's face and above it's head
*it waved to us
*it showed Randy how it really feels about my full bladder and now he understands why I pee constantly!!!
*this one is an active, little thing. It never stops!!!!

There is so much the baby did for us during the ultra sound, but I don't want to get all braggy ;)

There IS a diaphragm!!! YEA!!!! And all the essential body parts are there too!!!!

In this picture, the baby is facing up with it's hand to it's mouth!!! I think it would be cool to have a lefty. I'm left handed and it would be fun to have a kid be left handed too, but none have cooperated yet!!!! Randy doesn't like the idea, but maybe this one will get his blue eyes!?! That would be PERFECT!!!!

Since we have had "bad" ultra sounds in the past, we always are a little more serious about the experience. With Tyler's pregnancy, our lives changed FOREVER after the results of an ultra sound. We've had 2 miscarriages and those ultra sounds were never fun. So, we understand the serious nature of yesterday and it's a relief (as much as it can be until I see our doctor tomorrow) to not see anything crazy. As I laid there, I kept thinking of all the families that were going to be diagnosed with birth defects that day and it put it all into perspective.

I'm grateful that we had a good experience and look forward to the rest of the pregnancy!!!! WATCH OUT FOLKS, THE CLYDE'S ARE MAKING ANOTHER BABY!!!!!


Kellie said...

Awww!!! Soooooooo CUTE!!! Hope I am so happy for you guys!!!

Jamaica said...

I thought that KaytLyn was going be a left-hander like me but turns out the only thing that she does with her left hand is suck her thumb.

I am so excited for you hopefully this one is a BOY!!!

Peggy Clyde. said...

He/she looks pretty cute. Can't wait to meet him/her.

Rachel Doyle said...

So excited to meet this little peanut -- I'm glad all looks well.

Shane and Brandi said...

So glad all is well in Clyde land. A left hander is not all it is cracked up to be. I have 2. AAAHHHHH!

Jeremy Reynolds Family said...

congratulations! I'm glad everything looks good!