The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Disneyland October 2010

It was time for another trip to the happiest place on Earth again!!!! This is our 3rd trip since March. After we got our March tickets, Randy's mom bought us the remainder of the annual passes (so we can go for Christmas time and see how cool the parks are then), so we have till March to go as much as we can!!! I was wondering how it would be this time, being 17 weeks pregnant. I knew I would be tired, but I think I did ok!!!

Here's the whole clan at the top of Main Street USA!!!!

I love the time we get to spend with all the family!!!

C is for Clyde... right?
Here we are, ready to go on the Ferris wheel. I HATE Ferris wheels, but I love big, nasty roller coasters!!! There are 2 different rides on the Ferris wheel, fixed cars and swinging cars. Well, if you know me, you know I'm not doing anything half way..... swinging cars all the way. If I'm going to prove to myself that I can do it, I'm going BIG!!!! This picture pretty much tells how I was feeling..... SCARED SH%&LESS!!!!! But I lived!!! YEA ME!!!!! I actually did not die on the Ferris wheel!!!!
We celebrated Maddison and Jim's birthday at the park, mine and Randy's anniversary and then Layla's real birthday was on Friday, so she got to have special attention too!!!! When we celebrated Cambelle's birthday last trip with my Aunt Vicky and KC, Cambelle got her face painted, so it was Maddison's turn this time!!!! She loved it!!!

My silly family taking a picture with the beaver for my dad.... he has a "thing" with pesky, little beavers!!!! HAHAHA!!!! LOVE THIS PICTURE!!!

Look at Cambelle's smile.... makes all the planning worth it!!!
Our kids are so lucky to get to go to Disneyland with their cousins so much. They get to spend 4 whole days together, side by side, giggling the whole time!!!!
Being 17 weeks pregnant, there are a handful of rides I couldn't go on (and some that I went on that I shouldn't have). This is me with my sad face when the family went on the Matterhorn!!!! I wasn't going to sacrifice Space Mountain, though. I know that ride as well as the street in front of my house. I sat on the ride with my arms braced against the back of the seat and holding the lap bar, so my belly never even touched the bar. Well, about 3/4 of the way through the ride, I knew that I was in trouble. As soon as the ride stopped, I RAN to the bathrooms and ended up throwing up the rest of the afternoon. Well, it was bugging the crap out of me. I've NEVER thrown up on a ride and I wasn't giving up that easy!!!! I went the next day and SURVIVED!!!!! No puky!!!! Mind you, it was not without a butt chewing from my doctor (that happens to be on my Facebook) and my mother!!!! But you know I'm not scared of them ;)
Here's Tyler and Naomi on Autopia. Tyler told her that he had to drive because, "I am the boy"!!!! I don't know where he gets that from because none of my family lives by those rules!!! SO FUNNY!!!! Jim was in front of them and they kept bumping him and LAUGHING and LAUGHING and LAUGHING!!!! It was so dang fun!!!
My kids LOVE the Nightmare Before Christmas!!! The Haunted Mansion is dressed up like TNBC for Halloween and Christmas. It was one of the highlights, for sure!!!
Anyone for a flying elephant??? I got to ride with "the 2 little girls", Mazie and Cambelle!!! The giggles were out of control!!!! Just look at those faces!!!
Here we are waiting for the World of Color (of which, BTW, was SO AMAZING. SO worth the scheduling to make it there), Elijah needed a soft place to put his head!!! I would have picked someone with a squishier bum, if I were him!!!

And then.... after all 4 days at the park, the little girls are wasted!!! That's how you know they've had a good time!!!!
It was such a good trip. No melt downs from the kids (or adults)!!! I can't wait till we go again in December!!!!


Erin said...

You can never take in too much Disnyland! I've done it pregnant several times but wasn't tempted to go on the scary rides since my crew still hangs at the Dumbo rides. :)

Disneyland in December is magical!

Brenda said...

So fun!!!

Robyn Brown said...

Sounds fun. I love it in October. They make it looks so cute....not too scary.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a blast! Wish i could have been there!! Holly