The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Harper's blessing day!!!

Today was a big day for our family.
It's the day that Harper got to receive a name and a blessing from Randy.

In our religion, when babies are born,
they get to have their names put on the records of the church.

The way it is done, typically, is the dad gets to give them a name and blessing in church, surrounded by other men that hold the priesthood.
There were 11 of our loved ones in Harper's blessing circle today!!!
It's kind of a big deal. She's kind of a big deal!!!
We get to dress the baby up in her white dress,
pretty white bow and if she's our baby girl,
she gets a pretty bracelet for the occasion too!!!

Harper didn't cry a bit and Randy gave her a beautiful blessing!!!

After the blessing, it was testimony meeting, where church members get up and share what they believe in and experiences that have lead them to believe the way they do.
We got to hear some sweet testimonies today.

Then we all went to our house for a luncheon!!!!
Here are Hadley and Harper!!!
Since Anna and I are best friends, it's only fair that we insist that our kids are also besties!!!! :)
Chatting with family and friends is always a good way to spend the day!!!

And don't forget who this day is all about!!!! I guess she didn't want to burp right then!!!

And at the end of the festivities, these beautiful people are the ones that matter the most to me!!! I am so blessed to have my family.
I can't believe that our Heavenly Father has trusted me with His children!!!
I hope I don't mess them up too bad!!!

Happy blessing day, Harper!!!! I love you, my sweet baby!!!


Our ABC Family said...

You are on top of things girl! Sounds like it was a pretty amazing day for your family! Sure love you guys!

Zitting Zoo said...

wow! everyone looks so good! i wish i could have been there celebrating with you!!! love you all!!!

Heidi said...

What a great day. love the new family picture.

Kellie said...

LOVE the new family picture!!! You all looked beautiful on Sunday!!! I just LOVE your family so much!!! You guys are great people and I'm so happy for you!!! Love you bunches!!!