The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My mom and dad

Aren't they cute? These are my parents. I got to take their pictures yesterday for their 50th wedding anniversary party. This is one of my favs. I love hearing my dad laugh. My parents raised 6 girls (no boys, we didn't allow any to come to our family) and for most of that time there was only one bathroom in the house. Blanche always says there is an isolated toilet waiting in Heaven for our dad. I hope it can wait a LONG time. My parents have taught me a lot and I feel lucky to have them as long as we have. 50 years? That is such a long time. The girls and I have had a great time planning their party for this September. Our parents are very social and hopefully a lot of people will come to their party and have fun. They are such good people and always have the wellfare of their family as a priority. I miss them when they go on the mountain for the whole summer, but we're half way through and then they will be home!!! I LOVE YOU, MOM AND DAD!!!


Zitting Zoo said...

50 Years!! Thats amazing!! I hope that I am that lucky to have Grant with me that long!

The Fords said...

How Cute is that. I love seeing couples together for that long! That's the way I want my life to go! Except for the six girls, How did they do it!!! I think I would rather have six boys, If that's the case I'm off to a good start:)