The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Monday, July 21, 2008


Ok, so Randy has always liked motorcycles. He bought his first one when he was 18 (no his mom wasn't happy about it) and has loved them since then. With gas prices going so high and Randy driving to Hurricane for work, he decided he wanted another bike. This is the 4th bike he has owned. It's a Honda VTF1000R. Yea, 1,000 cc engine!!! He likes that, and the first time he fired it up, I have to admit I liked it too!!! So I don't know if it is because Randy is so happy riding his bike or the fact that I think he is SMOKIN' on it, but I love it when he rides his bike. You know when you kiss a guy for the first time and your tummy does that holy-cow-this-is-really-fun thing, well that's how I feel when he's on his motorcycle. I also love riding with him, it's just a little hard with 3 kids hanging off the back. We were on our way home from Hurricane when Maddison took this picture, not bad for 80 miles an hour and an 8 year old with a camera!!!


sandy said...

In response to your comment regarding saving money (on Holly's blog)....I've seen you on the corner Hope! Leave the neighbors alone! Do you make sure your kids are out of the house when your "client" comes around???? At least I know Mike is safe from you - he's at his meeting Thusday night!
You're pretty flippin' hilarious!

Shad and Laura said...

Yeah- he is hot. Can I borrow him when you're sick of him? (Don't mention this to my husband, okay!)