The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Friday, July 11, 2008


Ok, I did it!!! There I said it. I downloaded Summertime by New Kids on the Block. So what if I did, I'm an adult and I don't care what anyone thinks. So what if I was one of the only people that we have ever played Singstar with that knew Step by Step? Why is THAT such a big deal? I will say that when they (NKOTB) were on the Today Show to debut their new stuff, I didn't like it. Everytime I watched it, I didn't like it. So then all of a sudden my kids are recording Jump Start on VH1, I hear Summertime and I AM HOOKED!!! I am a sucker for music that not everyone if fond of, I am used to that. I mean, how many adults do you know that went to an N'Sync concert and used her (my) 16 year old niece to take so she (I) wouldn't look like an idiot? For the record... it was a great concert. I am very comfortable with who I am, that's why I am posting this. Be proud of what you like and embrace it!!! Download the music you like just don't tell anyone unless you can handle them laughing at you (I'm pretty used to that). Keep Hangin' Tough.

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Beau & Stef said...

you and i are very much alike! i seriously like the most random music! i found one of my favorite Backstreet Boys CD's the other day and i cant stop listening to it! my ipod is filled with everything from enrique iglesias to celine dion to the ducktales theme song! i love it! beau thinks i am crazy. so no worries... i understand where you are coming from!