The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Splish splash & first day of school!!!

Last night we went swimming for Cambelle's birthday. "We" meant Cambelle's friends and their families, which happens to be our friends also. It works out nice. We had the McInnes family, the Carter family, Odin and Chuck, Amy and her girls, and grandma and grandpa Clyde. We were swimming and having a good time when Paul and Nephi showed up straight from work and decided to chat instead of swim. Anna didn't like that so she started spraying Nephi and the next thing I knew, Nephi had ditched his phone and shoes and was jumping in the pool, fully clothed!!! We were all laughing so hard and then laughed even more when he got out (see pics)!!! Needless to say, Paul put his suit on. I think he was afraid of Anna spraying him. We had a great time. The men decided to try diving through the tubes... Chuck could do it, Paul could do it, Randy... not so smooth. I do like the new look. I liked it so much, I tried it myself and ended up with Angie YANKING the tube off of me!!! There's nothing like diving into a tube, coming up to the surface and not finding the tube!!! Randy decorated Cambelle's cake, like usual. I love the cakes he decorates, he does a great job. We all had a fun time.

THEN, today was the first day of school!!! The kids were so excited except for Cambelle, she thought she was going to school too. She started out mad because she couldn't find one of her "school outfits", that's because I DIDN'T GET HER ONE!!! She insisted on pop tarts for her snack and a sippy with water so she wont be thirsty. She has a mind of her own and we are not to mess it up. The kids had a great day. Maddison is stoked for 3rd grade and Tyler was happy to eat in the lunch room. When they got home from school, we were 4 pages into 101 Dalmations book when Tyler fell asleep. Think is was a big day? Now what do I do with my time?

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Zitting Zoo said...

Looks like your all had alot of fun. The kids looked great for their first day!! Hope they enjoy this year.