The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Saturday, August 23, 2008

What are you thankful for?

"Don't complain that roses have thorns, be thankful thorns have roses!". That's always been one of my favorite quotes. It's from my middle school seminary teacher. Some recent things that have happened have got me thinking. What am I thankful for? I want to start a gratitude chain. If you have anything to be grateful for (we all do), I want you to put a comment on this post, and then start it on your blog. It's time we stop crying about the things that we DON'T have and start focusing on the things we DO!!! I'll start.... what am I thankful for? (In no particular order)

1-a husband that wants to kill me, but wont.
2-kids that make me laugh
4-friends that love me unconditionally
5-Randy's job
6-family that loves me even more than my friends
7-the right to say whatever the hell I want to
8-parents that chose to adopt me, and even fight to adopt me
9-in -laws that raised a cool son for me to marry
10-the guidance that the Gospel gives me everyday

That's just the 1st 10 I thought of, I could go on but I wont. Let me see what you're thankful for. I am interested in what EVERYONE has to say. Even if you don't have a blog, leave a comment. Let's see what this does!!!


Charmaine said...

1. A husband that wants to kill me, but won't.
2. My beautiful, talented, smart girls!!!
3. Jesus Christ
4. The Gospel
5. A loving Father in Heaven who is ever-so patient with me despite all my mistakes.
6. The pioneer legacy that I have.
7. Parents that love me.
8. My Family
9. Running Water
10. Food in stores readily available to us.

Charmaine said...

Hey, we would love it if we could get together with you for a photo shoot sometime! Thanks!

The Strattons said...

1. my wonderful husband.
2. my wonderful family
3. my birthmother's choise to give me up
4. the time that i live in
5. the gospel
6. the health of me and my husband
7. th knowlege that even though we dont understand everything, heavenly father will work it all out.
8. internet, cell phones, tv, etc.
9. being as well off as we are (for being newlyweds)
10. my temple marrige.

thanks for doing this, i really needed to stop and think about these things.

JeMM said...

1.Family, Family, Family
2.Living aways from family so I can really know how great they are.
3.Friends even over years and miles
4.Pure love
5.Sunday cookies
6.Doctors, nurses, & Hospitals for all the great kids who need to spend a minute or month there!
7. U.S.A.
8. Scriptures
9. So many great books to read
10. Internet so I can Play with friends far away

Anonymous said...

1- Being alive
2- A family, even if some are not such good people!
3- The love of a man named Barış
4- Accomodations - food, a home, etc.
5- For good health
6- Having the chance to get such a good education
7- Getting to be who I am
8- Having the chance to travel
9- For some friends who are more like family
10- Being able to experience true love - the greatest joy on earth!