The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Saturday, August 16, 2008

There's always a lesson to be learned...

Last night on our ride to Kolob, I learned some lessons and learned why some things I already knew, are important...

#1- Charlie horses in hips, right after getting on the bike... NOT GOOD. I remember you can pinch your upper lip to get rid of them, but I wasn't sure if that was is, so I was pinching everything. They went away.
#2- When it's 105 degrees out, riding a motorcycle isn't "cool".
#3- If I squeeze Randy with my legs, he slows down.
#4- On Randy's bike you have to lean to turn, if I look away from the turn, it's not so scary.
#5- Sit up on cattle guards.
#6- If it is sprinkling, put the face shield down.
#7- In the mountains, there are a lot of bugs. Bugs= pain... face shield down.
#8- Bullet bikes don't have padded seats for the passenger and my arse weighs about 50 lbs. too much.
#9- "Saddle sore" can refer to anything leather you ride on.
#10- When riding a bike, deer are the last things you want to see up close (Pete and Tyra almost hit one up Cedar canyon last week). I'm glad we only saw them from a distance.

Last night was a BLAST!!! My nephew and my husband are safe riders, they're not in it for the "race", they know they are playing with their lives if they're not cautious continually. That I am thankful for. Now, I totally have a new addiction. Randy's been wanting to go through Zion, now it's me that can't wait till it cools off a bit so we can!!! What do you like doing with your loved one? Have you ever done something you didn't think you'd like, did it for them and ended up loving it? That's what this was for me. I really just wanted to prove that I would ride that far with him. Everyone knows I don't like being called a chicken, now look where it's got me!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hey there hopie! It indeed has been forever! Your kids are growing up so fast! Where has time went these days? I will most deffinately keep up with the blogs. I will actually be moving in with grandma here in Sept. I am currently in Türkey with my love Barış, but when I start living with grandma it would be nice to see you guys! I miss you all. It's just too bad that the reunion will come just a few days before I get back or I'd be able to attend! Keep in touch!