The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Friday, August 8, 2008

Who likes mud?

So, look at the time of this post. You're asking yourself, "why is Hopie posting a blog at 1 in the morning?". The answer is because we just had a very funny night and I can't wait till morning. I called my friend, Chanieca to talk church stuff and when she answered, my common question is, "how are ya?", but her response was not common.... "we're stuck in a river out by Gunlock". Well, my instincts were if she is stuck, Randy surely can help get them out. Chanieca asked her husband, Jeff if he wanted Randy's help and he said yes. I was just thinking that it was getting dark (almost 9pm) and they had their kids with them, so we should get them un-stuck so their kids can get to bed. We threw our kids in the truck and whatever things we would need to help them (which we would later find out was not enough) i.e. tow rope, and gross shoes to get in the mud with, ect... Well, when we found them it didn't look too bad. Their Ranger (4wheeler for like 4 people) was stuck in the river, river meaning glorified stream. Jeff had his truck there that is just like Randy's truck but Randy's tires are a little more nobby (boy word). Jeff's truck almost got stuck trying to get the Ranger out, so Randy was being all careful going out to get the Ranger, when..... we got stuck!!!! By the way, I don't think Randy has EVER been stuck when he was the driver, at least not in this truck (7 years). Now the rescuers were needing to be rescued!!! What do we do now? After poor efforts to rip the truck out of the mud, I called Gina's husband, Mike. Even though they are going out of town for a reunion tomorrow (today) he agreed to come and pull us (all) out. I don't think it was convenient for him, but an ego stroker nonetheless. As we were waiting for Mike, I thought, "we should call Lloyd" (he's my nephew that has a cool jeep that pulls people out of stupid situations like this all the time). I just thought we could get some suggestions, instead he started laughing and said it sounded like a fun night for him!!! He would just have to get his jeep and come over (he lives in Hurricane), so it was going to be a while. Well, Mike gets there and being the hot dog he is... got stuck. He has a winch (different than a wench) on his Blazer, so he hooked it onto Jeff's truck (on dry dirt) and tried to pull himself out of the gooey mud. Guess what happened? It started pulling Jeff's truck into the mud!!! Uuuuuhhhhggggg..... I was laughing so hard my cheeks hurt. Mike got himself un-stuck, then got our truck un-stuck and right then Lloyd came to the rescue. Dun dun dun ddduuuunnnn.... just like a super hero, flying in to save the day. When he pulled up he saw Jeff and Chanieca's Ranger and started laughing. That made me feel nervous. My nephew has A LOT of experience with this stuff. He had Pete, my other nephew and Glenn, their dad with him also. Together they can do ANYTHING. Lloyd and Glenn are on the search and rescue team, so this is nothing for them. Lloyd drove PAST where we got stuck, INTO the river and plucked out the Ranger like it was nothing!!! I had so much fun laughing at everyone. Jeff and Chanieca were apologising for everyone coming out but I think it's cuz they don't know my nephews and brother-in-law or they would know that was FUN for them!!! So, thanks to the Moss family for getting stuck. Thanks to Mike for taking time out of his busy night to play superman and thanks to my family for being the studs they are with cool equipment and willingness to help out. It really was a fun night for all who participated!!! Now, I'm gonna try to go to sleep. If you ever get stuck somewhere, call me and I'll give you Lloyd's number!!!


Angie said...

Love It!!! Only you guys would get this experience!!

Zitting Zoo said...

So Funny!!!!! Sounds like it all turned out ok- Who knew being stuck in the mud could be so fun?

The Fords said...

If I ever get stuck I know who to call! That sounded like a lot of fun, Yeah because I am a St. George Native as well as you and I miss the old days when we would go 4-byin!(That's what we call 4-wheelin in the trucks)That was really cool of your family to help out like that, seeing as how they live in Hurricane!

Shad and Laura said...

Love it, love it, love it! We are getting quite a repertoire of four-wheel drive stories in our family too! We still have to be cautious around Richfield though because we don't have any good friends yet with a vehicle strong enough to pull us out of the situations we get stuck in.