The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Friday, November 7, 2008

How do you sleep?

I found this funny article about how the position you sleep in determines what kind of personality you have. I thought it was interesting. I have always been a stomach sleeper and an extreme snuggler. My apologies to anyone who had ever had to sleep with me, my sisters, other family members (Amy), drill team members (Natalie and Kammee, cuz they fought less than everyone else when it came to sleeping with me), Gina, Anna and the one who is still affected by this, Randy. I LOVE snuggling. Not just, "let's touch" snuggling, I'm talking, full-body-on-you snuggling. Randy makes no jokes when talking about how when we were first married, it took him a solid month to sleep at all trying to get used to being mauled. Me? I slept fine!!!
So what's the big deal? Randy teases that we have a king bed and we really only need a twin... I would be fine with that!!! Other than snuggling, I LOVE being on my stomach. FLAT on my stomach arms under my pillow, or if I am on the floor, under my thighs. I don't know what it is about laying on the floor, flat on my face. I will fall asleep every time like that, my mother-in-law can testify to that!!! So, the personality thing is pretty right for me. I'm trying to catch my kids in one sleeping position to test them, but I haven't been able to do that yet. My kids all got the cuddle gene too, especially Tyler. That boy can spoon!!! Wooooeeee!!! Anyhow, I had fun reading this article, you might too!!! Happy sleeping!!! By the way... like the picture? Doesn't Tyler know he is in the "danger zone"?


Zitting Zoo said...

I love how with so many beds in your house they all sleep together-my kids are the same way-

Michelle Campbell said...

Oh my goodness! We could be sisters! I thought I was the worst 'snuggler' ever! I love being as close as I can with Clint... and I always joke how we could sleep on a twin too! sooo funny. It's nice, cause he likes to snuggle too... the closer the better. It's funny cause his twin brother, Clay, and his wife are the complete opposite. They have a king size bed and like their space. We have a queen bed and can fit the kids on it with us. haha (not that I like that. they are the worst wigglers in bed!) So funny! BTW- i loved the pics of your kids. I'll have to post the funny one i have of our kids. hmmm, i might have done that already in one of my very first posts. I'll have to check it out.