The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

People tag

I saw this on Steph's blog. I always think it's fun to see what other people have to say about their loved ones. So, I thought I would give it a whirl...

Go through your list of blog links and tell a little about each one.

Holly Zitting- sister from another mister. Should have been enemies in the "past life", can't live without each other now!!!
Michelle Campbell- our husbands served in Scotland together, we could definitely hang!!!
The Owens Bunch-Micah and Angie went to school with me. It's fun to see what they are up to.
Angie Anderson- one of my favorite neighbors EVER!!! I love her to pieces. The first words out of my mouth to her, "are you the cleaning lady?". Beat that!!!
Heather Hansen- another neighbor I love. She cracks me up!!! Killer sense of humor.
Steve and Megan Johnson- our boys grew up on H-town together. We've become great friends.
The Dennison's- I love Brenda. She is what I want to be when I grow up, even if she's only a couple years older than me!!!
The Stratton's- Holly's sister-in-law. We fight over who had their "Lip Trix" sticker on our car first!!! We rock!!!
Katie Smith- her mom was one of the most influential people in my life. Katie is really someone to look up to. Beautiful inside and out.
Jenny McLaws- umm.... let's just say we were almost sisters-in-law!!! I love Jen!!! NEXT!!!
Laura Hall- her husband and I were cell mates for homicide. We became friends after that!!!
Charmiane Hansen- I was one of her bratty girls in YW or Merry Miss, can't remember. Then she moved to Randy's ward in Hurricane and then when Randy and I got married, Gene and Charmaine were in our ward!!! Lots of connections.
Brian and Kim McLaws- I love them!!! We've known them since the pre-existence (that means 80 pounds ago).
Yvonne Bohne- married one of Randy's favorite cousins. Making her a favorite cousin also!!!
The Baker's- Holly's sister, Randy's uncle's step-daughter. Heidi is friends with too many of Randy's ex-girlfriends, if you ask me!!!
Miranda Ford- I worked at the gym with her for a while. LOVE HER!!!
The Palmer People- Maryann, when did we meet? I have no idea, but she's amazing and we just found out we both kissed the same guy 100 years ago!!! Not Randy. Not naming.
Venna Rae Bradshaw- belongs to mine and Blanche's "fat club". You can't join unless you are initiated properly.... all three of us were!!! Believe me!!! She kills me.
Alton Fam- Gina, hmmmm....I don't remember how we know each other.... oh yea!!! I almost married her brother, dumped him, kept her, married Randy and lived happily ever after. I like that one!!! I also predicted that she would marry Mike!!! I win!!!
Brandi Johnson- I'm her stalker, don't tell her.
Sarah Clyde- notice the last name? She's Randy's cousin that is dying because her fiance isn't in America with her.
Andrea Dennison- Brenda's daughter, cutest girl in our YW!!!
Doug and Tiff McLaws- refer to Jenny McLaws above. I love them!!!
Angie and Jeromy Holmes- fellow ward mates and friends. I knew Angie from the bank I used to work at. He's one of the most talented painters on Earth and she's one of the most beautiful!!! Good combo.
Bryan and Aubrey Clyde- notice last name? Yep, cousins!!!
Twila Kay- her sister married Randy's brother but our families go WAY back!!!
Dallen Albrecht- one of my favorite cousins. I was born an Albrecht...can't get away from it so I guess I'll embrace it!!!
Sara Hirschi- grew up with her, kinda. We were on Jetettes together and both of us fell for those cute Hurricane boys!!!
Angel and Kelby Clyde- do you see a pattern? Cousins. Love them!!!
Cam and Ronni Blair- neighbors first, friends now... greatest sense of humor!!! They kill me!!!

This was kinda fun. I did it in blog order on latest posts. One of the fun things I like about blogs is we get to see people we all know but didn't know we knew!!! Make sense? If you want to do this... I tag you!!!

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Brenda said...

You make me sound so old! I'll have you know, I'm not even 40 and Eric assures me that 40 isn't old either. :-) I think Andrea is the cutest girl in the YW's too!