The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ellen update

So, everything is set for tomorrow. She films a day early, so our show SHOULD be the one that airs on Monday. I'll let you know if that's not right. On her show today, she stated that for her Vegas show, her guests would be Pink (so excited), Bette Midler (pretty cool), and an illusionist!!!! I have a blog post recently about my love of magic... can't wait for that one!!!! We are all so stoked, who's going? Me, Gina, my sisters, Blanche and Launa, and my nieces, Amy and Brittney!!!! It's gonna be a blast!!! I'll let you know when it's on!!!!


Ronni Blair said...

At least your going to will have the chance to DANCE FINALLY! She is all about the dancing!!! Have fun.

Zitting Zoo said...

Dance Baby Dance!!!!!

Emily said...

Hey, let us know what you wore so we can have an even easier time looking for ya :)