The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Saturday, November 22, 2008

We saw Ellen!!!

Here's the scoop on our Ellen Show in Vegas. First I want to say that in the perfect world, I would have had ALL my friends and family there, in reality... that just didn't happen for this show. I look forward to going again and going with everyone that wanted to go and couldn't because of ticketing. So, the day was filled with excitement. We (my sisters, Blanche and Launa, my niece, Brittney, Gina) started out at Brittney's at 9am. Watch out Vegas!!! When we got to Caesar's Palace we had time to get our tickets from Carlos (his dad works with Blanche), we ate and got in line for the show. Amy (another niece) got there just in time to walk in the doors. There was no more parking at Caesar's, she had to valet park. We were all so excited.

This is Gina and I in the Colosseum before the show.

On this show we knew we were going to see Bette Midler, Pink and an illusionist. We were all the most excited to see Pink!!! But I must say that the illusionist totally had me, I had no idea that the bulge in the platform he was standing on was a girl that would appear from nowhere!!!! THAT was great!!! (refer to past blog post titled "Wanna know what I hate")

Bette was so fun. She's tiny!!! But Pink, ohhhhh baby!!!! She rocked that show so much!!! She was so much fun. She sang So What and then her newest song, Fun House. Absolutely wonderful!!!

2 of my sisters, Launa and Blanche.

The whole gang, Gina, me Brittney, Blanche, Amy and Launa.

The Colosseum holds 4000 people. It was full plus a riff raff room (if you watch the show, you know what that is). This is Carlos that got us our tickets!!! He was great!!! Before we got into the Colosseum, Carlos showed us the stand-by line... 600 people waiting for tickets (3 hours before the doors opened) and the line was getting longer!!!

Our seats were 15 rows back on the main floor!!! They were great seats. At one point Ellen came dancing down our isle (Launa was on the isle seat) and then danced one row behind us. She was so close to us, I could see where her hair was streaked blond. Look there's Tony!!!

Anyhow, the atmosphere was a lot like a concert. Lots of dancing, singing along to great music with the coolest sound ever, screaming, ect... During commercial breaks, they would play fun music and everyone would dance and sing. The energy was amazing!!!

This is in the powder room of one of the bathrooms. With pregnant chicks and old chicks, you find out where all the bathrooms are!!!

So, it was an experience of a lifetime. I just wish everyone could have gone. Our show will air this Monday. If you watch the show, look for us!!! When you're looking at the stage we are over by Tony (the DJ). We are in the left section (looking at the stage), 15 rows back. With 4000 people in the audience, there is a good chance we wont even be seen, which is fine with me. But, you never know I guess!!! If you ever have the chance to go to a filming of the Ellen DeGeneres show, I would go!!! It was really a great time!!! Overall, we laughed, we were sweaty, we sang, we rocked out, we got really tired and had a BLAST!!! Wish you all could have been there!!! Maybe next time!!!


Alton clan said...

This was pretty much the best day of our lives.....

The Palmers said...

AWESOME! I will look for you!

Rachel Doyle said...

Hey Hope -- found you on the Black's blog -- your trip to Vegas looks like a ton of fun! Rachel Cornwell-Doyle

Emily said...

Glad you guys had a ton of fun. My DVR is set for Monday.

sbjmegjohnson said...

I was so excited to hear you were going to see Ellen. I am glad to be able to help out so Gina could go. Thanks so much for always posting comments. It makes me feel special. Look forward to try and see yoy on Ellen.

Guzman Gang said...

What a blast!!! I love Ellen. Im happy you got to go and have such a fun time!