The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Hit me, baby!!!

A little while after I started my blog, I put a counter on it. Maybe you've noticed it, but it counts every time someone logs onto my blog. Well, I noticed today that the number has crusted the 7,000 mark. That is really amazing to me. If you ask me, you guys must be really bored to be reading my blog so much, but whatever!!! Anyhow, I finished book 2 of Twilight (in 3 days, by the way) and I've started on the 3rd. Randy will be happy when I'm done reading these stupid books and so will I. I hate being obsessed with reading, it's just so not-like-me!!! Last night we had some friends come over to play games for one of our friend's birthday. We had so much fun!!! Ronni wanted a piano for her birthday so Randy made her this piano cake!!! Any idea I give him, he makes it happen and better than I can imagine!!! Good job, babe!!! Randy took the kids out shooting guns today. I didn't go, Cambelle decided to take an extra long nap. If we wake her up before she's ready, her "red-head" temper shows!!! She has brown hair, but she's named after a family of red-heads, so she comes by it naturally. We get to see baby Elijah tomorrow. I'm the only one in my family that has seen him. I'm just a brat like that!!! Well, that's all for now. Thanks for watching. I hope to keep my life completely ridiculous for your entertainment!!! I'm just generous like that!!! ;)


Megan said...

Hey YOU, red head don't have TEMPERS. Better watch what you say next time, Blondie.

Ronni Blair said...

Thanks so much for the cake, I loved it! oh ya and the game, and the drum I need to go on?? You guys are to much. We are going to do something to pay you back for that!

Zitting Zoo said...

Count me as one of your stalkers! Love the cake and the whole nap thing so made me laugh!! My kids are the same way-guess they got it from Grandpa Campbell