The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Our great weekend!!!

I want to start out by thanking those of you that left comments on my last post. I will print those out to put in Tyler's book. I was happy to get to share it with you all!!!

This weekend was really a great one. We went to Vegas on Friday to go through the Temple with my niece. It was so cool. Then on Saturday, she got sealed to her husband and their son. There is nothing better than being in the Temple with people that you love!!! It was really a special time and I'm glad we got to be there with them.
Then it was time for Tyler's birthday party at Chucky Cheese's!!! He was so excited. We don't ever get to have birthday parties with the Albrecht's, so this was going to be extra special. We were able to get ALMOST all of the Vegas Albrecht's there. I think we were only missing 3, that could have actually been there. NOT BAD!!! We also got to have Amy's sons Taylor and Trayce there, Tyler was LOVING that!!! So the head count for Tyler's 7th b-day party was....

Us 5, Grandma Albrecht, Aunt Vicky, Uncle Gus, Trey and K.C., Uncle Ricky, Aunt Rhonda and Jake, Scott, Debbie, JoAnna, Savannah, and Andre, Taylor and Trayce.

Not bad for a birthday party away from home, huh?

There is my Aunt Vicky and my grandma!!! LOVE THEM!!!!
Ricky and Rhonda, don't let this picture fool you, he's more obnoxious than I am!!!
Then on Sunday, Randy had lots of meetings, so the Clyde's came here for dinner and birthday presents for Tyler!!! We knew we would get home from Vegas too late for Randy to make his cake, so we called on the pro... GRANDMA!!! Tyler told her that he wanted a Pokeball cake. That was no problem for Peggy!!! It ended up looking just like the Pokeball Tyler had!!!!
Here is Tyler killing Uncle Steven on Guitar Hero!!! Really, he beat him. Steven didn't cry, but I think he wanted to ;)
Isn't this so cute? My cute son and my cute niece battling it out!!! They could take on any other pair of 7 year olds!!!
So, it was a great weekend. Anytime we get to go Vegas, we have a blast. Tyler had lots of fun for his birthday and that's all that matters!!!

By the way, I just finished Eclipse, only Breaking Dawn left!!!! Gina's getting her copy to me tomorrow or I would be reading instead of blogging!!! Woohoo!!!!

My niece, so gently reminded of an even that happened when we went to dinner after Amy and Dan went through the Temple.... She's pregnant (HUGE pregnant, like... come on, when are you going to give birth?) and she challenged me to a Coke chugging contest. Even though that would be my 4th Coke and her 2nd, I accepted the challenge. As we chugged, (we, meaning her, I just watched in awe of her talent) I could feel myself losing ground, well, let's be honest.... she totally spanked me!!! I never knew her "days drinking the boys under the table at the bar" would come in handy for her!!! I was so proud. She read this blog post and threw a temper tantrum that I didn't include our "event". So, there... I hope she's happy now!!! I love you Amy!!!


Megan said...

I am glad that Tyler had a great birthday. I just love family. Isn't it amazing what a good book can make you do... read.

Aleisha said...

That looks like a fun weekend. I can't wait to hear what you think about the last book. SO EXCITING@

Kelly and Amber said...

I want to have a birthday party at Chucky Cheese. Looks like you guys had fun. Aunt Vicky looks exactly as I remember her! Does she age? LOL