The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Friday, January 16, 2009


The day we have all been waiting is here!!! Peggy called us at about 5 tonight to let us know that Steven and Amy were on the way to the hospital. AMY WAS IN LABOR!!! She is such a toughy that whenever she thinks it's time to have a baby, it too late!!! After a couple hours, they told us that the Doctor was coming in at 8:30pm to break her water, so just after 8, I went down. Randy stayed home with the kids, he was decorating a cake and I think he knows how much more fun it is for me to be there for "the moment". We waited and waited. She usually gets to the hospital when she's dialated to like a 6, but this time, she didn't want to wait too long, she went in when she was a 2. Well, at 11:59:58 on 1-15-09, Elijah Richard Clyde entered our family and hearts forever!!! They didn't know they were having a boy. The way they decided to tell us, was they had a girl diaper bag and a boy diaper bag. After the girls went in to see what it was, they would bring out the appropriate bag... they brought out the camouflage one!!! Tyler is going to be so happy to not be the only boy anymore!!! I can't wait to tell our kids in the morning.

Here's Grandpa Clyde holding his grandson for the first time!!!
And Grandma Clyde!!!
Here's the new Clyde family. Steven, Mazie, Amy, Baby Elijah, Naomi, and Layla!!!
I think we're gonna be great friends!!!
I can't tell you how much I admire my sister-in-law. She ROCKS. She does this whole birth thing NATURAL!!! No pain meds, NOTHING!!! She's stronger than I could ever imagine. I am so happy for them. When things settled down a little, I heard Steven say to Layla, "You'll have to ask Auntie Hopie" when I said what, she asked, "Hopie, are you done being pregnant?" My quick answer to her innocent question was, "YES!!! Well, yes for now." I don't think I could ever do 4 kids. I will just borrow baby Elijah!!! CONGRATS YOU GUYS!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!


Dallen_56 said...

you know you will have more kids, unless you and randy can learn control

Grant said...

Congrats to everyone! A boy! How exciting!!!!

The Bohne Family said...

Yay a boy! Boys are so fun! Tell Steven and Amy congrats from the Bohnes.

JeMM said...

Hope, do you know how beautiful you are?! This picture of you and the new baby is amazing, you are stunning!
AND NO I wasn't laughing when I wrote this! said...

Congrats to Steven & Amy on the bouncing baby boy!

I'm Stitching as fast as I can said...

For cute, by the looks of things, I do believe that you love that little guy.

Michelle Campbell said...

Congratulations Aunt. That's exciting. Clint's brother, Kelly, and his wife (they live in Ivins) just had their first baby on Wednesday early morning! They were probably at the same hospital. They had a little girl, Layla. We went up to visit them yesterday for the day. As we were leaving we thought about you guys and said how we should've planned it a little better so we could stop by and visit! Bummer. Well, maybe next time. You've got a sweet little nephew though! And natural!!!! WOW! Not me... I'm all about the epidural! haha.

Smonkey Mama said...

Oh Hope, you could totally do 4 kids if I can do 4!! :) You are a fabulous mom!! I HOPE one day that you do have 4. :) LOL You'd be great!!