The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!!!

7 Years ago on Easter, we had a really cool day as a family. Randy got to give Tyler a name and a blessing. When Tyler was in the hospital, expected to die, the one hope we hung onto was that we would someday be able to bring him home to bless him with all of our friends and family. At times, it looked impossible, but we kept up our faith. It ended up that our testimony meeting was scheduled for Easter Sunday, so that would be the big day!!! When we got pregnant with Maddison, we researched and got the Strath Clyde tartan to have Randy's mom make a kilt for the baby if she was a boy, but she ended up a girl, so we tucked it away till we had Tyler. Peggy made Tyler's kilt, vest and bow tie. She had a blast. She would giggle every time she worked on it and the first time she showed it to us, I laughed out loud. It was the cutest thing I have ever seen!!! You can't see, but there are tons and tons of pleats on the back. She modeled it after Randy's even down to the pin on the front!!!Randy's kilt is the Campbell of Argyle tartan and because of his Scottish heritage and then serving a mission in Scotland, he knew he would bless our son in his kilt. When we got to church, it was great to see so much of our loved ones there to support us and celebrate. There were 18 men that stood in the blessing circle. When Randy held Tyler up for everyone to see him, there was an audible, "AWWWWW!!!" from the ward members. Randy was in the Young Men's presidency at the time and there weren't enough boys to pass the Sacrament, so Randy ended up passing in his kilt!!! He will never forget that!!!
After church, we had a BBQ at our house, where everyone got to chat and enjoy each others company. So, on this Easter Sunday, we always remember that wonderful day 7 years ago and I thought it would be fun to share!!! Today was made more special by Randy's nephew getting blessed!!! Grandma got to make another kilt for him!!! These Clyde boys are lucky to have such a cool family to belong to and we're lucky to have them in our lives!!! Happy Easter everyone!!!


Erin said...

What a special Easter. I LOVE the kilt! Thanks for sharing such a tender story.

Speaking of story...the tree incident was HILARIOUS! :)

Aleisha said...

What a great moment to remember! You are amazing!

bryn said...

what a great memory and i am lovin the kilts. great tradition; and i must agree with erin the tree story was to FUNNY!