The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Friday, April 24, 2009

Toothless Annie

Yesterday it a day that will go down in history for our family.... Maddison lost 2 teeth in one day without a trip to the dentist!!!

At 4am, she woke up and decided to wiggle her very loose tooth and it came out. Nothing like waking up to a 9 year old saying, "DADDY!!! I JUST LOST MY TOOTH!!!". The second one was a little more work. Her new tooth was growing in around her baby tooth, we've been working on her to get that one out, but she has anxiety issues when it comes to losing teeth, the Tooth Fairy coming into her room and then TAKING HER TEETH?!?! She has NEVER let the Tooth Fairy take her teeth, she has written many notes that say, "Dear Tooth Fairy, please leave the money AND my tooth. Love, Maddison". So, she gets pretty freaked out every time she's gonna lose a tooth. This second tooth of the day, only came out because of "dollar fifty Thursdays". It was a rule we "remembered" with one of Tyler's teeth than needed to come out really bad one day and it was on a Thursday. Getting $3. was THE ONLY thing that got that second tooth out of Maddison's mouth last night. She was so proud she finally got it out. After calls to the grandmas and grandpas and the generous offer from Mike and Gina to "help her find the teeth she lost" she finally went to bed and we're happy to report that the Tooth Fairy came through with her $3. and left her teeth!!!! I love the magic that surrounds children. All these wonderful things that happen when kids are small is what it's all about.

Now Maddison has more gaps then teeth, it seems!!! Watch out for our toothless Annie!!! (Notice the "just got out of the shower" hair and the bloodshot eyes from crying about the tooth finally coming out!!!)


Fer said...

Awww, she looks so pretty eitherway!

Malea said...

What a cutie, I love the toothless stage, so adorable. When Matt Jr. first started losing teeth, I subscribed to the old school belief of a couple of quarters and some gum. Boy was I surprised when Matthew came home from school complaining that he had been "taken" by the tooth fairy when she was sporting $5-10 bills with his classmates.

Clausewitz said...

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Nettie said...

kids are so funny. I think we as parents need to get together and put a cap on this tooth fairy deal. I am sorry but I am not giving my kid $5 for a tooth. especailly because I have probably already spend thousands on keeping the things from rotting out of their head! lol way to go maddison!!