The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Home life with a hop along....

So, we're home and it feels GREAT to not have to deal with hospital stuff anymore!!! Don't get me wrong, I think for the most part our hospital stay was great. But I think there is a lot of healing that can happen at home and no where else. Getting in my mom and dad's car was quite a challenge (both of our cars are too high for him to get into). We wont be going anywhere just because he can't get in the car.

When we got home, we were we welcomed with this sign....
Our friends are soooo cool!!! Balloons all over the house....

And this funny crown declaring Randy the King Ricky.... what's a Ricky? Go HERE to find out!!! When Randy saw the bib that Chanieca had made for him, his response was, "COOL!!!". He had a run in with some rice in the hospital that he wished he would have had that bib!!!

Another one of our neighbors, Brother Manwaring, couldn't let him be on a walker without the token tennis balls (which he called later and told us to take them off because they aren't stable).

So, here he sits. Just letting his body get better, hopefully so he doesn't need surgery. He will see the orthopedic surgeon in 2 weeks to see how he's progressing.

I haven't been blogging since Sunday because it's pretty time consuming taking care of him. Ok, let's be honest, this is FREAKING HARD!!!! What have I been doing?

*call ortho surgeon for 2 week appt. and application for temp. handicap tag for car
*call regular doctor about the IV site's infection (?)
*meeting with attorney
*help him go to bathroom
*help him shower
*feed Randy
*make sure he's getting his pain meds on time, with a snack so he doesn't get sick
*get him dressed
*put him to bed
*talk to our car insurance
*talk to the other guy's car insurance
*talk to our health insurance
*keep everyone updated on his progress
*arrange for things that I can't get out to get from the stores
*try to not let him get bored, depressed, ect...
*arrange for a babysitter for Randy so I can run to the pharmacy, there IS infection in his arm
*now giving 2 different kinds of pills to Randy
*oh yea, AND I'm a mom and wife and Hope on top of that, so the laundry, dishes, house chores, kid's baths, hugs, ect, still have to get done!!!!

So, really, I haven't been too busy!!!!! YEA RIGHT!!!! But I am not complaining, for having a crash that could have killed my husband, and now he's home and not in a neck brace, ect... I'm pretty happy. It's not going to be easy, but the blessings are pouring in and for that I am sooooo grateful.

Here's an x-ray of a normal pelvis..... look at how small the gap is down at the bottom......
Now, compare it to Randy's x-ray. See how big the opening is on his? That is what is causing him all his problems, along with the internal bleeding and swelling that comes with a traumatic injury like this. The surgeon is hoping that he's young and healthy and his body will just start to correct itself. You can also see on the left side how his hip jogs WAY out to the left. It's really obvious when he doesn't have clothes on, his side looks deformed.... weird!!! I edited his x-ray so we all wouldn't see his "man business"!!!!
Anyhow, we're surviving. That's better then we were thinking was going to be the case just a few days ago. Please keep us in your prayers, we feel them everyday. Thank you so much for everyone who has been so pro-active at this hard time. We love you all.


Malea said...

I didn't know there was a photoshop element for "man business". Anyway, me the woman? Oh no, honey, you get to have that title all to yourself...This post made me tired from just reading it; good grief.

Nettie said...

O*U*C*H* thanks for editing the man business, I am sure that once randy comes down off the drugs he will thank you for that... Thank goodness for Hopie... you are such a patient woman, I know that everything happens for a reason, and I am glad that heavenly father had it in his plans for randy to stay with you... you are in our prayers...I noticed sleep was not on your list... you may want to think about adding that in sometime. ;)

Michelle Campbell said...

OH my goodness, Hope! I almost cried going back and reading everything that happened with Randy. What a scary scary thing! You have got to be the coolest person in the entire world. I love your attitude and how it helps you and Randy cope with everything. You are the sweetest funniest couple ever... even at a time like this. I was cracking up at your "man business" comment. You're so funny. :) Good luck with the "Nursing". We'll say a prayer for him even though it sounds like you guys are swarmed with love and prayers already. Luv ya girl, and give Randy a kick in the pants for me.... haha. jk!

Barnum Fam said...

Hi Hopie...we pray for randy every nite before we go to bed. we are so happy he is home. i am amazd how well you too handle anything life throws at you. can you give me some lessons please. love ya so much and wish we could be there with you to help.

Shad and Laura said...

You're doing awesome, Hope! I was going to say "keep it up" but that's probably not what you're wishing for, so instead I'll just say I'm going to keep on praying.

Joseph and Katie Smith said...

Could your to do list be any longer?! Man girl how are you doing it?! You are just amazing! Isn't it interesting how our reserves kick in for us to survive in situations like these? Just wait for the crash, it is coming and you better let it happen or you will go crazy.
Hope, I am glad you guys are home and pray Randy will heal properly, correctly and quickly. It truly is a blessing that he is home. Keep the faith!

Joseph and Katie Smith said...

"Man business" eh? Hope you are so funny! I laughed out loud. Randy, I'm sure is grateful.

The Childs said...

Wow Hope! This is all so amazing. I am so glad Randy is still alive and at least able to function a little. It sounds like you have your hands full now. I wish I was there to help. The good thing is you have a lot of good friends and family around. Good luck with everything.

Emily said...

This one is from Mike, "By the looks of it on the x-rays, looks like he's trying to pass one of Hopie's stones."