The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Friday, June 19, 2009

Nurse THIS!!!

So, our nurse tonight isn't the best we've had. She's been ignoring our pages. I wanted to get Randy cleaned up and changed (he only has his shirt on from yesterday when he crashed and a gown). He hadn't been cleaned up really at all. So, the plan was after he got meds and they started working, I would change his shirt and gown and wash him up. Well, I couldn't change his shirt without his worthless nurse unhooking his IV. When she finally stopped ignoring us, she came in and unhooked him. He was a happy boy getting all the road grime off!!! I helped him stand up (which isn't as easy at the PTs make it look), he brushed his teeth just standing next to his bed and then stood there for a minute to just stretch. The PTs don't want him to walk without them, so he just stood there, not bearing any weight on his left leg, for as long as he could without falling down. So, we paged the nurse to come in and hook him up, guess what? She ignored us again. I'm a little tired and under quite a bit of stress. I don't think she wants to play with me tonight. What happens when he needs new pain meds? Are we gonna be ignored THEN? When she finally came in, I asked her politely if she was really busy tonight. She said yes. Then I informed her that SHE needs to keep him on his pain schedule and she shouldn't ignore him anymore. I think she took the hint!!! I am waiting for someone to unleash on, she could be my first victim if she doesn't shape up!!! Anyhoo.... I have all the lights off now, he's a tired man.

A lot of you have asked about me. I am ok. That's all I will commit to. I don't know what the hell I'm doing. Who pays the mortgage if your husband can't work? THAT.... is freaking me out a little. I'm not gonna think about it. I will take this one day at a time and let our lawyer help us and try to not get too stressed out about anything. Well, that's the plan at least!!!

Enough complaining, I have a lot to be thankful for. My husband should be dead and instead I get to listen to him sleeping peacefully. It's a wonderful sound. He feels really bad for crashing, even though it was no fault of his own. I think he is feeling like he's letting our family down. I had to remind him that it's through our trials that we gain strength. He's had a lot of visitors today, which he appreciates every single one. You know he's a social man. I think he's really digging my friends that are coming in to check on him!!! It's been a full day and I'm WIPED!!! So, say a prayer for our nurse that she doesn't die tonight!!!

Love you all!!! Nighty night!!!


Shad and Laura said...

Wow! I am so glad that he is alive and able to walk. I am thinking of you and praying for you and Randy. Just whatever you do, don't say "Cheer up- things could get worse."

Mat and Jamie Holt said...

You're such a tough nut! Way to go! When Kris had his bad accident a few years back and he was life flighted to the University Hospital. We had SUCH a time getting his nurse to give him his pain meds when needed. He was burnned and they still were lax. It's too bad there are those that don't care enough. Thank goodness for those that care about us who stand up for us when we need them. :)

Dana said...

Your husband is so lucky to have you there for him. You guys are in our prayers, you are doing an awesome job!!!

Brenda said...

You are my hero, looking on the bright side of things. Keeping you and your family in our prayers. I'm sure there will be tough things to deal with. Continue to focus on the things to be grateful for, it helps. The Lord has never let you down, He won't let you down now.