The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

"I like everything"

We were riding in the car today and I was telling Tyler that I like how he will try any food. He likes to eat... A LOT. By the amount he eats, he should be an obese kid. We were talking about our favorite foods.

Me- Ty what's your favorite food?
Ty- Rice!!! You know I love rice.
Me- What's your second favorite food?
Ty- Sandwiches. Hamburgers, ham, cheese, ham and cheese, meat, peanut butter.... yea, I don't think there's a sandwich I don't like!!!
Me- IS there a food you don't like?
Ty- Just 2.... broccoli and Brussels sprouts.
Me- Have you ever TRIED Brussels sprouts?
Ty- No, (with a light bulb over his head) I should try them... I might like em!!!

With a grin on my face, I remember why I love him so much!!!


Tyra said...

Have him try those brussel sprouts on a sandwich...he will probably really like them. He needs to come hang at my house...he will do wonders for my "cooking" ego. =)

Brenda said...

My Michael is exactly the opposite! Tyler would be a great influence on him. (except that Michael is VERY stubborn and probably wouldn't learn) *sigh*

Aleisha said...

What a cutie!! My two youngest are GREAT eaters but my 10 year old would live on cookies if he could. He hates all veggies and fruits. hahaha

Emily said...

That's just awesome! Gotta love it when the kids will try new things...especially things that are good for them!