The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Friday, June 19, 2009

Lots of pictures!!!

These are all in the wrong order but I wanted to get them on before I take a fast (and needed) shower.

Randy's room on Thursday.... NPO (no eating food-in medical talk) and FALLS RISK!!!! That's what they put on old people's doors!!! hehehehe
Cambelle and I Thurs. night. Feeling a little overwhelmed.
Randy cheesing it up for the camera. You can tell this hasn't hampered his sense of humor!!!
Mom and dad Clyde and Tyler in Randy's room.
Thursday night, Randy sleeping. At least he slept good last night!!!

This is his 3rd time walking. It was quite an improvement from the first two times!!!

Randy doesn't swear.... this would be me swearing. He's not loving walking, but he knows it'll get him home someday!!!

Randy using his wonderful, bendable toothbrush, courtesy of DRMC!

My bed.... ohhh soooo comfy!!!
I love the Brey's. They are some of (which we have TONS) our favorite neighbors!!! Camrie made this candy bar poster. Enlarge it so you can read it... it's pretty funny!

That's what his pelvis did to his bike!!!! That'll teach it!!!

Let's face it ladies, these pictures are for the boys!!!


Yep.... broken.
Not supposed to look like that......
Or that......

Boys will know what this is all about, well and my niece, Katie!!!
Another one for the pelvis, Elvis!!!
I bet someone got hurt in this crash!!!

I'm still wondering what the people thought when Randy's head came through their back window!!!! Don't chew me out for my sense of humor. If I don't laugh... I'll cry. So, let's keep laughing, shall we? Duh, I know how serious my husband is hurt, it's not gonna help him or me to be all poopy pants about it!!! Right?

So, don't get too excited about the video (I hope it uploaded). Just cuz he's walking, doesn't mean he's going home anytime soon. We will find out more from the orthopedic surgeon in the morning.

AND FYI.... to those angels that cleaned my house and did my yard and whatever else I didn't notice yet.... I love you. Each and every one of you will get a big, juicy kiss from me for your hard work, because when I left yesterday... I remember what my house looked like!!! You made me cry when I opened the door. Can I just say, I love my family and friends. You are truly the best!!!

Oh, yea... and what do you think of the song? 8 Second Ride? hahahaha!!!

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