The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Monday, November 9, 2009

It's my BIRTHDAY!!!!

I'm not one to shy away from birthday attention... I know you're shocked because I'm so shy and reserved!!! But today is a birthday that I am going to celebrate my parents. As you know, I am adopted (if you don't know, read THIS POST). I have always considered myself blessed to have the life I do. Does it come with some baggage? Yes, but who doesn't have THAT?

Today I am thankful for parents that did the right thing, even though sometimes it wasn't the popular thing, they stuck to their guns and did what was RIGHT. I have loving parents that always wanted what was best for me and still have undying support for me and my family. They are the parents that were there when I was born, kept me when I needed to be taken care of, loved me ridiculously, supported me unconditionally, and showed me how to love my children. I can't ask for better people to be my parents, and if you know my parents, you know what I'm talking about!!! They are just the best and I celebrate THEM on this birthday!!!

Now, I know they didn't do it by themselves, it took a village to raise me!!! You have to realize they thought they were done having children until I came around, so I got to spend a lot of time with my biological dad's family, they have always been such a wonderful support to me and still are. They also love me unconditionally. They didn't HAVE TO stay in my life after I was adopted, they CHOSE to, and how grateful I am!!! My grandma and grandpa were always so influential and my aunts and uncles are just the best!!! I really have the best of both worlds!!!

Then, I got married and received the best in-laws a girl could wish for. They also have had a hand in raising me.... well, maybe just resisting the urge to kill me!!!! HAHAHA!!! Just kidding, Jim and Peggy have taught me so much and I just wish everyone could have in-laws like mine!!!

So, this last little while has been quite hard on me, but when the dust settles down, I realize that my life is just RIGHT. I am so blessed with so many wonderful people that have raised me, but above all, my parents are the ones I think of today. The parents that have gone to the moon and back to do what's right for me. Mom and dad, thank you!!! I love you both so much and I hope I make you proud and continue to do so!!!

Here's looking at 33..... with sarcasm and a laugh!!!! BRING IT ON!!!!


Erin said...

Happy Birthday Hopie! Your parents sound like the best. Hope you and your family have fun celebrating!

Jeremy Reynolds Family said...

Happy Birthday!! That is awesome to celebrate your parents and extended family on YOUR day. You are so thoughtful. I love to read your blog. I love your humor and your emotion. I am thankful to be your friend.

I'm Stitching as fast as I can said...

Happy Birthday!
I love people born on this day.
Our Baby turned 31 today.

Kristie said...

Happy Birthday Hopie....we love you!!!!

SteveJ said...

* * * * H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y * * * *!

Man you are young! Hope you have a wonderful birthday. I know you deserve one! Love you guys!!!!!!

Heidi said...

Happy Birthday!!