The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Monday, November 16, 2009

A little BEHIND....

Sorry I haven't kept up on my gratitude list. I had some unexpected things happen.... so, I will catch up now!!!

Friday- I am thankful for in-laws that like to keep my kids for sleepovers on a regular basis. They are not afraid of having all of our kids over at the same time and they even usually invite the other grand kids over at the same time!!! My birthday was last Monday and Randy arranged to have the kids sleep over the following Friday so he could take me out!!! We went to Couple's Retreat, a hilarious movie and then we went to dinner. It was nice to be alone with Randy. I love having date nights!!!!

Saturday- I am thankful for seat belts. I have always been the "seat belt nazi" and on Saturday, I was glad I am!!! I had done a photo shoot for my friends, then I ran to Wal-mart and then on my way home, I was going up Bluff Street and the light at the Blvd. turned yellow, so I slowed to a stop and BAM!!!!! I got rear ended!!! I was the first car at the light, so I didn't hit anyone else, but if anyone would have been in front of me, I would have hit them too. The lady hit me so hard, more than half of my car went over the line I was stopped behind!!! I was so annoyed, but I stayed calm because I knew it was harder to be the other lady at that point!!! I called the police, then I called Steven, he was working but didn't answer his phone. I looked over and could see my mom's truck in their driveway, so I called them and they came over for moral support!!!

If you look in the background of this picture, you can see my dad in the "concerned" stance.

There's my mom taking pictures!!! Can you see the white line where I was stopped? It's between my front and back doors. NIIIICE!!!!
My car will need the bumper replaced, but her 2008 Toyota Avalon is totaled. Oopsie!!!

When I called Randy to tell him that I was in a crash but that me and the car were fine, I think that was the straw that broke the camel's back. He was soooo mad. I think we're both so sick of all the garbage we keep going through. I am so glad I didn't have my kids with me. That would have brought out the mama bear in me.

After I was done with the police, I went and had x-rays done at the hospital so I knew nothing was wrong. My chest was burning from where the seat belt caught me and my neck was already stiffening up. The x-rays show that I have pretty bad whiplash in my neck and back. I was warned that I would have 2 bad days and then it should be feeling better.

After all that, I was going to Vegas for the show I have been waiting so long for.... So You Think You Can Dance Season 5 tour!!!! I went with my neighbors and it was SOOOO fun!!!! I had to be careful how I moved my head, but I was comfortable other than that. It was sooo amazing!!! I never knew their tour was THAT good. I can't wait to go again!!! If you're a fan of the show, you'll remember some of the dances that I got to see.....

*The Zombie Dance
*The Pick Dance
*If It Kills Me (the necklace one)
*The BUTT Dance
And who will ever forget A Woman's Work AKA, the Breast Cancer Dance?

It was amazing in so many ways!!! I am so glad I went!!!

Here are the girls I went with... my neighbors Heather and Camrie Brey and Camrie's dance teacher, Kell.

Look how close I was to the stage!!!! Look at that talent... self portrait AND the sign? WOOHOO!!!

It was such a great night!!!

Sunday- I am thankful for muscle relaxers and Percocet. Without them, I would have been in a LOT of pain!!!

And now... MONDAY!!! I am thankful for modern medicine!!! My dad started his radiation treatments today. If it weren't for radiation treatments, my dad would die of prostate cancer, but now he will have a 95% chance of being cured!!! I am so grateful for that!!! One treatment down, 24 to go. Our good friend, Joe (more like family), will be doing his treatments, so it's a big relief to my dad and our family that Joe will be with him. He is one of the most gentle men I have ever met, so I can't think of anyone better to be helping my dad!!!

Maybe I wont be such a slacker for the rest of my month of gratitude!!! Thanks for staying tuned!!!


Misty said...

You guys AMAZE me, Hope! I can't believe all that you have gone through the last several months...and you're still smiling!

Nettie said...

and after reading the past four days of your life... (cliff notes version I am sure) I am now exhausted and am feeling a need for some meds. I admire your strength and your good attitude. You are the person I look at and say... WOW... I wish I could be more like her. **HUGS**

Erin said...

So sorry about the crash...thank goodness nobody was hurt. And thank goodness you had SYTYCD to take your mind off of things. It's a blast, isn't it!?

Jeremy Reynolds Family said...

I heard you were rear-ended. That sucks. I have decided if it weren't for bad luck you guys wouldn't have any luck at all. What is with all the trials you are going through. Holy cow you need a break already. Love you.