The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

So grateful

Tuesday was my day filled with gratitude for my girlfriends. I have so many wonderful friends in my life. They are the ones that pick me up when I need it and push me to continue on the right path!!! I have always been surrounded with really great friends, my parents never needed to worry about them!!!

And it's nice when my husband can have fun with my friends also!!!! Chanieca and Randy playing Dance Dance Revolution!!!
Here are "my girls", plus Chanieca. We go for a girls night out about once a month (or as needed) and share our deepest, darkest secrets, fears, joys, losses, ect. These girls are such a big part of my life!!!
And then you have Anna, we were born across the street from each other and have never let our friendship go. She is someone who I can count on ALWAYS. I think everyone should have a best friends like her. She knows everything about me but loves me anyway!!!
Here's our first day of 5th (I think) grade!!! Aren't we so cute?
And then I have those friends that I know I can call on when things are hard and they will be there in one second. Natalie is one of THOSE. We don't chat everyday, but when we need each other, we're there.
Kammee is the same way, we've been friends since about 3rd grade and she just "gets" me. No need to be anything but myself around her!!! Yes, that is Lorenzo Lamas!!! We met him on one of our Jetette trips to Disneyland!!!!
And let's not forget Gina. One of the best friends a girl could ask for. Even though we've only (haha) been friends since we were 15 (after I convinced her to like me), she is more like a sister. We have a connection that is very special!!!
Here we are at The Ellen Show in Vegas!!! She's always game for some fun!!!!
There are a bunch of friends that I didn't put in here, but you know who you are. I can't believe the amount of support I have from my friends. I truly am blessed to be surrounded by so many Christ-like women that mean so much to me and my family!!!!

Thanks girls!!!!

Veteran's Day

For my gratitude day today, I am grateful for all those that are in the military. I have so many family members that have and are serving in several branches of the military.

My dad and his brothers-Army
My nephew, Chuck-Army
My 2 nephews, Josh & Jon-Air Force
My nephew, Robert- Marines
My nephew, Dan- Marines
My cousin, Ricky- Air Force

I'm sure I missed some, but look how blessed I am to have such a family showing in our military? I admire all of these men sooooo much. Chuck was deployed twice and on his second deployment he actually went over to the middle east to support our country. It was really hard having him gone... REALLY HARD. But when he got home, boy, was is a PARTY!!!!

Here's how we decorated our yard to welcome Chuck home!!!

Here's my sweet niece, Brittney, waiting for that long awaited kiss!!!!! I LOVE this picture!!!

Chuck came back a better person then he went out and for that I am grateful. I am so thankful for the freedoms we have. We are such a blessed nation, let's never forget how much has been done for US!!!

I love you guys!!! Keep up the good work!!!


Megan said...

love it!!!

Nettie said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! I think I know Britney, she looks SOOO familiar to me. Do you know if she did Upward Bound in high school? I know Chuck did, maybe that is where I know her from too??

Brittney Taylor said...

Thanks Hope I love those do have some GREAT Friends...and Nettie I wasn't in Upward Bound but you just might know me from knowing Chuck...Thanks for your love and support Auntie Hopie...