The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Monday, November 2, 2009

Our Haunting Time!!!

This Halloween was a different one for the Clyde family. We usually dress up, but because of recent happenings, I decided I needed rest more then I needed to dress up, don't worry, our costumes next year will make up for it all!!!!

Randy's mom came over to the kids' classrooms to make her famous "witches brew", it was a hit, as usual!!! Thanks again, mom!!!

The funnest this year was Cambelle. She wore one of Maddison's old costumes. We call it the "bat fairy" costume..... can you think of anything else to call it? She wanted "bat wing hair", so I did my best......

Do you think she was pleased?

Maddison was a witchy poo and Tyler was a devil.... Halloween is all about dressing up as something you're not, right? The kids had a great time at the trunk or treat and got lots of goodies. Notice, Cambelle's baby (don't leave home without it) and Tyler's "devil" face!!!
We love spending time with our friends. Here are my girls, Emily and Ronni. We miss you Chanieca!!!!

Then we went over to my mom and dad's house. Dad was working, but my mom was there to welcome all the little ones. I remember when I was younger, how excited my parents would get when the kids would show up in costume, and now it's my kids!!! We showed the Clyde's their costumes on our usual Sunday trip.

Here are the scariest ones of the night. I have to admit, I missed dressing up.

But like I've said, I've done a lot of this.....

And Randy's been doing a lot of this..... (yes, he's reading our blog, and no, he doesn't edit anything I say on here... that's a blog post for later!!!)

So, I hope you all had a haunting Halloween!!!! Watch out for next year!!!!


Heidi said...

I love campbells hair so cute. Looks like a fun night.

Malea said...

It's good to be chill from time to time. You really needed it this time around. It will definately make next year more fun for sure. But, any time with a Clyde is a good time, right?

Erin said...

Your kids looked darling! That bat hair was too cute. I want to try that for a fun dressy do! I'm glad you took it easy this year. You deserve some down time. It's also so nice you are close to family. Glad you had a good Halloween!

Zitting Zoo said...
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