The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Sunday, November 22, 2009

My chillins

Today I am thankful for my kids. I am thankful for them EVERYDAY, but today I will post why!!!

Here is Maddison, she is your typical "oldest child". Responsible and obedient. She is so creative, she'll take a piece of paper and make furniture for her Littlest Pet Shops. She got my love of music and can feel music like most people can't. She's naturally talented in music. She is taking piano lessons and took violin lessons last year and loves them both. She's so kind and doesn't want anyone to ever be uncomfortable. She is such a blessing to our family. I feel blessed to get the chance to be her mom!!!!

This is Tyler. He is ALL BOY!!! He has more energy than any single person needs. He is very sympathetic. It pains him to see anyone sad. He is my little "lover boy". He'll snuggle with my ANYTIME I ask him too!!! He has a math brain. He is not quite 8 and our favorite trick to do with him is tell him someone's age and he'll tell us what year that person was born, just THAT quick!!! He also has been blessed with a natural ability to learn music. When it's his time to practice piano, there have been a few times I've heard Maddison's songs and have gone in to see him playing HER music!!! He is such a fun boy and I'm grateful to get to raise him!!!

And then we have Cambelle!!!! She keeps us going!!! We named her after my MIL's family, the Campbell's. I should have thought this through more, they are a family of red heads with OCD. She has that red head temper and is obsessive about a lot of things!!! I'm telling you, don't make this girl mad!!! But I wouldn't trade her for the world. She is our little mama. She babies everything she can. She would rather nurse her baby dolls then play with her friends!!! She is at such a fun age and I can't believe now, how upset I was when I got pregnant with her. I can't imagine our family without this little fireball!!! A blessing sent straight from Heaven!!!

We have such good kids. We are truly blessed!!! They teach me new things everyday, whether I wanted to learn it or not ;) I love having them by my side every single day!!!


Lindsay said...

I'm glad we are officially blogging friends! Now maybe I won't have to ask Gina all them time whats going on with you guys! I can spy on you this way instead!

Malea said...

SAY HEY, Hopie!!! I love this song. It's my absolute fave. What a fitting tune to a rockin' mama, with some rockin' kids. They are lucky to have YOU, TOO!