The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Thank you, thank you, and THANK YOU!!!!

I can't believe that I haven't blogged for 3 whole days!!! I have been posting everyday about something I am thankful for. Since I haven't blogged for SOOOO LONG (hehe) I have some catching up to do!!!


I am sooo grateful for Randy's job. He works for a great company. One that is always very modest with their spending, which has kept them in business in these hard times. Randy is such a hard worker. He's worked for Interstate Rock for 14 years next month. He started out driving a cement truck, then a few years later he became a foreman and started to dispatch. A few years ago at a cement convention, he learned that he was doing the job of 2 people. So, needless to say, he's a hard worker!!! He can also run most of the heavy equipment that IRP uses. He's even learned how to test concrete. Well, when things started to slow down for construction, they temporarily closed their St. George plant and he's been working out of the Hurricane plant. He drives cement truck a lot (and can still run circles around most of his drivers), he dispatches, drives dump trucks, and pretty much anything else he can to stay busy and make people's jobs easier, even learning how to do bids for concrete and sales. I am so thankful that he has a job right now. Remember when you used to work harder for bonuses and perks? Now you work that hard just to keep your job. I am so grateful Randy is such a hard worker. He has proven himself so many times in his company and they have shown us several times that they really care for the well being of our family!!!

This is Randy teaching Maddison's 2nd grade class what his job is all about!!! They loved it!!! They all got a turn lifting a chute and they loved how loud the horn was!!!


I am thankful for New Moon finally coming out in Theatres!!!! Dumb? Maybe a little, but it's a day I've been WAITING for!!! My girl, Holly and I went to the midnight showing of it and had a BLAST!!! Then later in the day, I got to go again with my kids, Randy and his brother, Cory. We had a great time and loved the movie... everyone loved the movie!!!

Here's the shirt that Holly and I got just for the midnight show!!!! Cute, huh?

And now we're to Saturday:

I am grateful for my camera and the chance I get to take so many of my friend's and families pictures. I got a Cannon Rebel last year and this year, I had a great opportunity to buy Cory's camera from him for a steal. So now, I have a Cannon EOS 30D!!! It is such an amazing camera and I am excited to get to use it more. In the last week, I've done 3 family photo shoots for my friends and have had a great time doing them. Photography is so fun for me. I enjoy it so much!!! I have a PHOTOGRAPHY BLOG that I started and it's come in handy when my friends have wanted pictures, I just refer them to it and they can tell me what style they like!!! I have got to do a few weddings and lots of family pictures. My goal is to do it for a price that will allow everyone to be able to do them more often. I hate that there are people out there that charge such ridiculous prices for photos. Most people just want a family picture that is suitable to hang on their wall. I want my friends to look at their photos and remember how much they love their family, not how much they paid the photographer!!! Anyhow, I have more editing to do on those fun shoots, so I better get off my blog!!!

Maybe I'll actually blog tomorrow instead of waiting 3 days again!!!


Jordan said...

Hope... I love that shirt....

I hope that my husband 'SPARKLES' too! lol

Tiana Larsen said...

Will you do a couples photo shoot for me and my boyfriend?

Nettie said...

amen on the having a job... I am still waiting for my chance to go see new moon... =( and You are an inspiration to me as a photographer. I just a little beginner, but I love looking at your photography blog, =)