The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Saturday, October 24, 2009


Sometimes I feel like life isn't fair.
Sometimes I can't handle anymore.
Sometimes I get mad that my dad has caner.
Sometimes I get mad that my parents are getting old.
Sometimes I feel Randy's crash was just the beginning of our tests.
Sometimes I feel like losing this baby was more than I can take.
Sometimes I feel like Tyler getting swine flu was a curse.
Sometimes I felt like Maddison was going to die from swine.
Sometimes I want to close my eyes and go away forever.
Sometimes I want to kill people that are heartless.

Sometimes I can only hold on to my faith that I will survive.
Sometimes I feel like I am unworthy of the love we have been shown by so many.
Sometimes I think I can't love my husband any more, and then I get proven wrong.
Sometimes I am happy that Tyler got swine and survived, it means he is stronger now.
Sometimes my kids remind me of how much they can carry me through problems.
Sometimes when my life is dark and I feel I can't go on, there is a tiny light for me to follow.
Sometimes when Randy holds my hand, I know I will be ok.
Sometime I need to be reminded that Christ died for ALL of my heartaches.

This is one of those "sometimes".


Brandon Barnum said...

hopie i love you and some times i feel like that to but the only thing here to help me is my wife and how greatful i am that i have her here with me

The ABC's said...

Hope, you truly are amazing! You guys have been hit hard lately, but I'm amazed at how strong you stay through it all. I know deep down inside you're feeling a lot different, this blog post is proof of that! It's okay, to have these days, you have to I think to help you put things in perspective sometimes. It's what we take away from it all, and learn, and tackle it that makes us grow and become better people! WE love you guys! You're still in our prayers! Wish we were closer to lend a helping hand, but for now, our thoughts and prayers will hopefully be of some help! Love you guys!

Joseph and Katie said...

Sometimes..... it is okay to stomp and swear (only "farmer/red-neck" swear words) and then cry again and then throw something (not at Randy or the kids) and then pig-out on ice cream.
And is okay to thank Heavenly Father for all the little things, to pray for more strength, to allow others to help and to just rest.
Hope you and your little sweet family have gone through way too much and you will get through this, but I will be like you, very honest, it truly isn't easy. You are amazing and wonderful and hilarious and great. I love you. My prayers are with you.
Love, Katie

Stephens 8 said...

Amen! I love the Lord and all of the tender mercies we are shown through our trials. I also love you Hope, even though we have not seen each other for at least fifteen years, and even then didnt really know each other...thanks for always teaching me and lifting me in ways you can not even imagine.

Jeremy Reynolds Family said...

Hopie I just read your last few post. I'm so sorry your kids got swine flu, I hope they are all feeling better. You really have been hit hard. I'm so sorry. Hang in are strong. Love you!