The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Monday, February 28, 2011


My friend just did a post on Facebook that made me think about something that happened a few years ago in our family that makes me laugh every time I think about it.

Tyler was about 4, so Maddison would have been 6 or so and Cambelle would have been a newborn.

Awwww..... look at my little man!!! That seems like so long ago!!!

We went to Vegas for Thanksgiving weekend and decided to go to The Bodies Exhibition. Randy and I knew what we were in for and we were really excited to go see how the human body really works.

When we got there, we were going from room to room and were just AMAZED at how cool all these bodies had been preserved and to see how everything looks on the inside. We are not the kind of people that get grossed out very easy and we've never sheltered our kids from stuff like this, it's just a part of life, we believe.

One of the parts I loved the most was to see the internal organs and show Tyler a diaphragm and explain to him that his diaphragm was what was broken in him that made him so sick when he was born. It was so educational for all of us.

So we go from this room, everything was going great!!! Really amazing!!!! Then Tyler (yes, my child) says, "WIENERS!!!!! Why are there wieners EVERYWHERE?"!!! And, no, it was not in a quiet voice. We saw the other patrons snickering at how cute he was and explained to him that more of the people that donated their bodies were men. And to be fair, at 4 years old, where is his head, yep, crotch level.

Then..... the female reproduction room. Real bodies of fetuses at different stages of gestation, all the reproduction organs, stuff like that. We didn't think a THING about it until, in his not so quiet voice (actually, it was loud, almost like a celebration), Tyler throws his arms in the air and says, "FINALLY!!!! SOME BOOBIES!!!!!!". Oh dear, we laughed sooo hard!!!! The people that heard him complain about the wieners were the same people in the room when he celebrated the boobies!!!! It was great!!!!

It's times like those that I realize that my kids ARE part of me and not all Randy. Randy and his family would NEVER talk like that, but me? Oh yea, I'm all over it!!!!

What a great memory!!!! One I hope I never forget!!!! If you have ever thought about going to Bodies, I would strongly encourage it!!!! You never know what might happen!!!!


Nettie said...

Bwahahahaha!!! Sounds like my kids yo a t!.. lol... note to self. If you go to the bodies exhibit ... make sure the videotape is rolling!!!

Rachel Doyle said...

ha ha - thanks for the laugh this morning Hopie!

Malea said...


The Palmers said...

So funny! Kids are the best! I love the new pictures of your girl above! I love her name too!