The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Friday, February 4, 2011

Bully, schmully...

So, Tyler had an incident with a girl in his grade this week where she smacked him in the face with her backpack after school, on purpose. This girl is a known bully and has been for years, but for some reason has got away with it all. I have heard what she has done to kids, so as soon as I learned who it was that hit him, I was all over it!!! The good news is, even though it hurt like a mad dog, it didn't break the skin and after the first night, there was no swelling or discoloration to his face.

I love and respect the secretaries and principal at our school. After a phone call with them, I was hopeful it would all get taken care of appropriately. The principal had no idea of this girl's bullying past. I don't know why, I know at least one mom had reported multiple incidents to the teacher!?! I told the principal that I had faith that she would do the right thing so I wouldn't have to handle it myself. I have NO TOLERANCE for bullies. I think they are all pieces of crap.

I asked Tyler if he thought this girl was mean, he said yes. Then I asked if he knew who was meaner? I told him that I AM!!!! I am bigger than her, I am meaner than her and I would gladly kick her ass to show her how it feels to be bullied. That's when I saw relief come over his face. He was deathly afraid of going to school the next day and of what she would do to him. He's to nice to fight back and with her past, I figured it was time for her to learn some boundaries.

The principal did a GREAT job. Talked to them individually, then together, helped this girl learn how to better handle situations and then told my son that her door is always open if he ever has a problem. I was very happy with the principal's actions. Especially when she told this girl that, "you should be glad it's me talking to you and not Tyler's mom. She called me last night and she is mad, mad, mad at you!!!!".

I knew it was handled really well, but I still thought I needed to drive the point home. This bully knows me from helping in Tyler's class, so after school, I went to where we pick up my kids, and that's where she gets picked up. I stood on the sidewalk and waited for her. When she saw me, she put her backpack over her head and walked up the grass to avoid me. After calling her name 3 times, she finally looked at me. I simply reminded her that I was Tyler's mom. I asked her if we were going to have any more problems, she shook her head. I asked her if she was going to be a good girl and play nice, she nodded and then I told her that I didn't want to ever have to talk to her again, she shook her head again.

I was nice, used a very mild tone of voice, didn't raise my voice once, said it all with a smile and was very kind!!!! As we walked away, the kids were shocked I didn't yell. I guess yelling is intimidating, I was able to teach them that you don't have to yell to get your way!!! I've been playing this game for a long time and the look on her face told me that I made my point. I think she's at least going to stay away from my son. Although, she might have had to change her panties after that, I think I scared her A LOT!!!!

I am not ok with bullies and hopefully this is the end of this girl for us!!!! If anyone wants me to come and intimidate any 9 year olds you know, just holler!!!! :)


Megan said...

I think we need to have a class where Hopie teaches us shy moms how to be rough and tough!!! Hehehehe

Heidi said...

Way to go hopie. I hate bullies. Someone needs to teach them a lesson.

Jeremy Reynolds Family said...

Don't mess with this Momma Bear! Way to stick up for your kid!