The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


This little baby is getting bigger everyday!!! I love feeling it move inside me!!! It's kind of a stubborn turd sometimes (it must be a Clyde thing...hehe). When I lay down occasionally, it doesn't want to lay THAT way, so I have to roll over (which takes nothing less than a crane moving me like a dead rhino). How can something not even born yet have such an opinion? When Maddison is around, it wont move for her. If she touches my belly, even if it's running a marathon at the time, it stops immediately!!! If she talks, no movement!!! The other 2 can feel it kicking and moving all the time and they love it, but I think Maddison is soothing to the baby already!!! So cool!!!

This morning I was laying in bed, snuggling with Cambelle and all of a sudden I could feel it pushing it's body out by my belly button. It was almost from side to side on me, I pulled the covers off and it was so dramatic that Cambelle could see exactly where it was!!!! That's when she yelled, "MADDISON, TYLER, COME QUICK, THE BABY IS DOING A TRICK!!!!". Haha!!! It was doing a trick and they all got to enjoy it!!!

It is quite a different experience to have the other 3 kids older. They see the miracle in pregnancy. They know that this baby is being sent from Heavenly Father specifically to be with our family. Littler kids wouldn't really get that. I feel so lucky to be having a baby right now. It's not easy, in fact, I think I'm too old and fat to be pregnant, but I still see the miracle!!!

I go to my doctor again tomorrow to talk about this whole gestational diabetes thing. I don't like not knowing the future. With Cambelle, I knew exactly how things were going to go, but this is definitely a complication that has to be watched closely, so we'll see what tomorrow brings!!!!

Have a good night, y'all!!!

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Heidi said...

Thats cute. Hopefully everything is ok with the diabetes.