The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The end.

Today was another review hearing for the family member's baby that we fostered last year. Maddison spent the whole night throwing up and I had to decide if I should make arrangements for her so I could go to court. Randy and I decided that there is nothing more we can do for this sweet, little boy. We have nothing more to do with the case, other than to be there and hear for ourselves what happens (which will be nothing). We always leave mad because the state doesn't do what is obvious to help this baby out. They never will. I don't think his parents will ever pull their heads out and do the right thing, either. So, for us to go is simply just to know what is happening and not just get lies and half-truths about it.

We decided, as a couple, that I would not go. It was not easy, but we feel that Maddison is our responsibility. She is our child and it's our job to take care of her. It is probably time for us to be done with that whole situation. It's been over a year and all it's lead to is heartache and fights. I'm ready for people to take responsibility and do what is right and I have no faith that it will ever happen, so we're done.

Last week, I feel we had one last chance to help this little boy. There is a review being done on his case and I was interviewed. I was able to be very honest about how I felt about the case worker and the family. It was good to have my voice heard for once and for someone to care why we feel the way we do about this whole process. I'm sure when the case worker and family find out what I said in the review, I will be a lot less popular than I am now and I really don't care.

My mom taught me that if I'm going to say something that it should always be something I would say to that person's face and RIGHT NOW I would say it all to their faces, so I have nothing but good feelings about it.

For the last 14 months, we have been put through a hell that I didn't know even existed. We have always tried to do what was right for the baby, but you can only fight the system for so long. They don't care, they never will. So, it's time. Our family will not suffer anymore because of this. It's a choice we have made.

Thank you all for your support and understanding. It's not easy, but it's what is right.

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Erin said...

I can't even begin to imagine all you've been through with this situation. I'm so so sorry for that. I'm glad you got to talk to the case worker. You never know the difference your words may have made. Be strong...I know you are!