The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Thursday, February 17, 2011

The zipper method

So, it's less than 30 days till this baby is going to make it's appearance!!! I have to admit, having my 4th c-section is FREAKING ME OUT!!!! With Maddison, I labored for over 18 hours and because of failure to progress (my cervix is rebellious and wont open), I had my first c-section, or zipper method as I like to call it.

On the way to the hospital with Maddison!!!

With Tyler, at 39 weeks, my cervix was still closed, long and thick. Because of his health condition, we weren't willing to try a VBAC and had my 2nd zipper method.

Minutes before being taken to the operating room to have Tyler.

Then Cambelle, I had my doctor check my cervix before my scheduled c-section at 39 weeks 5 days, still closed, long and thick!!! DANG CERVIX!!!

Randy in his "moon suit" when we had Cambelle!!!

Now here we are with #4. I DO NOT like having c-sections, so I'm going to do all my whining now and hopefully only be able to see the positive side of them once I'm done with this post!!!!

Why I hate c-sections:

*the spinal SUCKS!!!! It's crunchy and hurts like a mutha.

*in recovery, the shakes and itching is uncontrollable.

*on the ride up to my room, every bump feels like I'm being stabbed in the guts.

*standing up the first time is so painful I want to die.

*walking for the first time is horribly painful.

*when I take a shower for the first time, it feels like my guts are going to fall out of me.

Things that are nice about the zipper method:

*I get to schedule when we will have the baby, so if there's a cool date or day, we can do it then!

*I will be able to shave and paint my toe nails before I go in because I know when I'm having it!

*no baby coming out my vagina (I think women that have vaginal births are amazing).

*Randy in a sexy "moon suit"!

*my mom and Randy crying out their blue eyes, looking down on me in the operating room after the baby is born!

*no pain sitting down!

That's about all the nice parts I can think of, but hopefully I will think of more and not freak out about it!!!

This is my current state. Don't laugh, I'm sure your mom taught you it is rude. Just keep chanting, "less than 30 days....." over and over!!!


Shane and Brandi said...

Hopie- You crack me up! I have had 3 c-sections and 2 vaginal. I would take a c-section over the other any day! Less than 30 days and you will be good as gold!

Brittney Taylor said...

You are so dang is nice to hear things from your perspective since I have never had the experience and really don't want to...sure love you and can't believe "she" will be here soon enough...ahhhhh

The Strattons said...

Oh geeze! i dont remember anything after them telling me "your going to need a c-section" But i really hope i never have to have one again! good luck with yours!