The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Giving winter THE BIRD!!!!

This weekend was pretty eventful. Mr. Clyde (that's what I will refer to Randy in this post, because he was NOT Randy this weekend), who never gets sick, got a horrible respiratory infection. It has been super-duper cold (for St. George), he sprayed a professional grade lacquer finish on my aunt and uncle's wood bed (even though it was outside, there was NOT good ventilation) and then we dusted the bells that I collect, all 300 of them (we might have forgot he is highly allergic to dust) and all of that in combination with a virus he picked up somewhere, landed us in Instacare on Sunday morning.

We have amazing friends that dropped everything to come over and give Mr. Clyde a blessing (thanks Cam and Paul) and I learned an important lesson that morning. Sometimes the blessings aren't meant only for the sick person's benefit. Something really neat happened that morning and I'm glad it did.

By the time they took us into see the doctor, there were 23 people in the waiting room (at 9:30am) and the doctors were debating if they were going to send him to the ER... yes, it was THAT bad.

They looked in and up all the holes in his head, did a chest x-ray and ended up sending him home with a cough medicine and strong anti-biotic and strict instructions that if it gets worse, we need to get him to the ER. So off we went.

It was Super Bowl Sunday and my family was going to come over to our house. That got canceled and later I was very happy about that. He slept and coughed the whole day. He got a pretty bad fever and after 2 hours of it going up when I was aggressively trying to lower it, the on-call doctor at our clinic called me and told me to give it 3 more hours. At this point it was 103.3 NOT COMFORTABLE for any of us. Within that next 3 hours, it broke completely (thank goodness, I was so worried).

As the night went on, the fever came back and he was dripping wet all night. In the morning, he knew he couldn't go to work, so for the first time that I can remember, due to illness, Mr. Clyde took a sick day. He rested all day Monday and went to work on Tuesday. He was wiped out when he came home. BAD.

So, here we are on Thursday. I got sick, Cambelle got sick, Maddison is sick and on an anti-biotic, but the good news is that Randy is starting to feel human again!!!! It's hard seeing him SO sick!!! I'm glad it's over for him.

There is so much crud going around right now. No wonder our kids wont be able to come in the hospital when we have the baby, I guess it's better. But I'm ready for winter to be over and all of our friends and family getting healthy again!!! NO MORE!!!! Hopefully your family isn't too sick right now too!!!!


Heidi said...

Hopefully everyone gets feeling better soon. Ive had all 5 kids to the doctor this week sick I'm tired of all the stuff go around. Good luck

Jeremy Reynolds Family said...

That sucks that you guys are all so sick. We have had it at our house too. I was sick for 2 weeks and Ty is starting on his 3rd week. I took Ty to the doctor the other day for pink eye. Poor kid. yucky weather go away!

Erin said...

So sorry you've all been sick! That is the worst. The good news is that it should start warming up in St. George soon. I remember it always felt warmer after V day so hopefully spring is right around the corner for you! And hopefully it lasts a while so you're not dying of heat being pregnant! Cute blog decor by the way. :)