The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Saturday, February 5, 2011


See that guy in that picture with me? I love him a LOT!!!!

It's not easy being married to me normally, then let's throw on old, fat and pregnant. Then let's throw on all the pressures that come with pregnancy, getting diagnosed with gestational diabetes and feeling like I have failed my baby because of it. How about being super tired and not getting anything done that needs to be done, forgetting stuff and other things that go with a pregnant brain. Then we have the fear of post-partum, I get it with every baby and it's getting worse with every one. Randy is the one that takes it in the chin more than anyone else. Oh, let us not forget the stage of "sexiness" I'm feeling right now. Big, old stretch marked belly, boobies that would scare any boobie enthusiast and all the other sweet physical things that come with being almost 8 months pregnant!!! Pretty picture, huh?

But, despite all of that, he loves me the same. He sees beyond all of that crap and just loves ME. I am a lucky girl, but Randy got the short stick in this draw, for sure. I'm glad he puts up with me, hopefully one day I can make it up to him!!!!

Thank you, Randy for hanging in there, I know it's not easy!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!

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