The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Saturday, September 27, 2008

The BIG day!!!

And NO that's not a fat joke... it's my mom and dad's anniversary party today!!! We have been planning this for 10 months and today it all comes together. It's sure to be great in every way!!! I'm so excited that I couldn't sleep, I might as well get up and get things done. My Uncle Ronnie and Aunt Linda are staying with us. They welcomed us into their home when we had Tyler. We lived with them for 6 weeks. It feels good to have them in our home. I am learning a lot from this whole party. I'm sure I'll learn more. I'll post later about the things to expect at an anniversary party, it should be entertaining. Well, off I go. Lots to do.


Brenda said...

Happy Anniversary...may you all have a wonderful day!

Charmaine said...

Gene wound up having to work, so we didn't make it down! Hope it went well-I'm waiting to see the blog that tells me all about it! I'm sure it was great, knowing who planned it!:)

Zitting Zoo said...

I hope it all went great! I can't wait for the story!