The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Piece of cake

Randy has a really cool talent of decorating cakes thanks to his talented mom teaching him her tricks. He has decorated cakes for all our kid's birthdays, baby showers, his mom's retirement party and lots of others. He's always been artistic, but I think this goes to a whole different level. Yesterday was a baby shower for my nephew, Josh's wife Torie. Their little girl will be named Lillian. This is the cake Randy did for the shower.

The picture is kinda light, it says "Welcome Lillian".

This one was for Jake and Angie's baby, Kaylee.

Cambelle's 2nd birthday, "Campbelle's, mmmmmm good."!!!!

Tyler's 6th b-day, it's all about Optimus Prime.

Maddison's 7th b-day, a purse party!!!

This is my great-niece's cake, Sierra.

Randy's mom's retirement party.

Tyler's 5th b-day. Those are cupcakes in the shape of the Autobot sign.

I think this was Gina's, or maybe Brittney's. There were so many that year!

We love when he decorates cakes, everyone is always excited to see what he has come up with every time. I bake the cake and clean up. He mixes the "wedding cake" frosting and does the decorating. I never knew how hard it was till I tried it myself, I wont do that again!!! Randy tends to get teased by my nephews when he does a cake, in fact Josh was making fun of Randy yesterday saying that to do a cake that good, he must be gay, that's when Launa jumped in with, "I would be careful who you are calling names, we don't have 1, but 2 videos of that same uncle kicking your a** at family parties"!!! Josh likes to tease, but Randy, the cake decorating uncle, will always be able to take him down!!!! Great job, Randy!!!!


The Bohne Family said...

Thanks to Peggy, Jason is pretty good at decorating cakes, too. It' definitely a talent! I'm jealous of Randy being able to come up with ideas and make it look easy!

Charmaine said...

Randy, you are so awesome! Can I put my order in now?:)

The Fords said...

It sounds like your husband is very talented, TJ says you would have to be one tough s.o.b. to be a cake decorator. I just love all of those cakes!!! We just buy our cakes from the store. How boring is that!! Anyway Kudos to Randy!!!!

Zitting Zoo said...

He reminds me of Duff on Ace of Cakes I can tottally picture him with the power tools! By the way where's mine?

And They Lived Happily Ever After said...

I am here to confess, I have been peeking at your cute little blog for awhile now.
Your kids are adorable.
Did you know that I am one of the members of Blanches' club? You can ask her which one. I saw in the paper today about your parents wedding anniversary party, they are such fun people.
Wow, I confessed, I feel better now.
Venna Rae

Peggy said...

I am so proud of you, son. Everything you do is great.
Love, Mom

Brenda said...

Who knew?! Great cakes. I'll be sending over our birthday list with cake requests from now on.