The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Watch out ladies!!!

That's his daddy's boy... Tyler is SUCH a lady's man. It's scary if you ask me. It all started when he was 2, if Twila or Anna came around he would flirt like crazy. They are both very pretty girls with blonde hair. He still has a thing for blondies. Last year in his kindergarten class, there were 20 kids. You need to do some math right now...

20 kids
13 boys
7 girls

Tyler would bring home not 1 but 2 girls to play with!!! There were way less girls by a long shot and he played with them? Ohhh, I am in so much trouble. This year after he met his teacher, he called his friend, Joseph and whispered on the phone, "Mrs. McLaws is a BLONDIE!!!". I'm sure he didn't want me to hear that!!! He is very considerate and compassionate. He has been holding doors open for girls for as long as I can remember. We did not teach him that, he just does it!!! I've always called him my "lover boy" because he always wants to hug and kiss (another thing that's ok now but not in 10 years, kissing girls). Gina has a theory that it's because for the first 2 1/2 weeks he was alive, he was intubated and I couldn't touch him or talk around him because he would de-stabilize and everything would go crazy. So I would kiss the side of his lips and hold my head next to his. I think he could feel me even though he was in a medically induced coma. I love that he is this way, I just hope he never hears the tricks his dad used when he had 5 girlfriends at one time. THAT wont be a good thing. I guess Randy used to be able to handle more than one girl at a time, now he can barely handle me!!! Consider this a warning if you have daughters... especially if they are blonde!!!


heidi said...

Thats so funny. Hes way cute

JeMM said...

We'll just have to keep him away from my Camille or it could get really bad - She's not blond but at 3 she had the 13 year old neighbor boy wrapped around her finger.
Hope all is well with your Dad
We love you!

Charmaine said...

Yep, he's just like Randy alright! At least you have someone to blame it on, right? He's definately a cutie pie! I'm sure Lani would have a huge crush on him-what little girl wouldn't?

Zitting Zoo said...

Some how that doesn't suprise me? you know we could set up an arranged marriage with him and Sophia she will be the right age when he gets home from his mission? Something to think about..........