The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

House tag

4. My favorite room, the big room. Lots of parties in here!!!
5. The pantry, uhg, needs to have an enema....
who's the Coke addict?6. What the kiddies and Randy are doing. These were taken last Wed. when Randy was at scouts, Cambelle was being naughty so she was in bed.

7. The kitchen sink (and a cute boy).

10. Last project finished, mom and dad's invites. I'm still recovering.
My counselor says that I'll be fine without any lasting effects.
11. The family calendar. I write sideways on it, I don't know why.

12. Most important thing on my to-do list..... hehehehe

13. Our bed, not that cute, but it gets the job done.

14. Favorite shoes. Little bit hooker-ish, who cares?

15. Self portrait. I've never done this before!!! Just kidding, my mom gets SO mad at me because there is one of these on every roll of film she develops. Yea, she still develops film.

Now, I'm not tagging anyone. This took way too long,
probably cuz I'm an idiot.
Either way, wanna do it? Go for it!!!


Charmaine said...

Hey Hopie!
I love your hooker shoes! Where can I get me some?! Trouble is, I'll then be about 6 foot 8 or something like that!:) Um, do I dare do a post like this? a couple hours when I get my nerve up!

heidi said...

I love your home. Super cute. I love to see how other people live. I'll have to do it. But first finsh with my halloween it all over the floor.

Charmaine said...

Thanks, Hopie! Man that took a long time! I'm glad it's over. I forgot to tell you that I love your family room-don't remember that. Did you add that on since I've been gone? It looks so nice and big! That was way fun though, thanks for the idea!

Shad and Laura said...

That was very informative! haha- does all that Coke give you the energy to wear those shoes and take care of that item on your priority list?

Anonymous said...

Your home is cute! I can't believe you like Nothing Else Matters too! Metallica is awesome! It's one of Baris and I's songs together. hehe

Charmaine said...

Ha ha! That's awesome! Randy's no dummy, he listens to you and he darn well better! ;) That's good you have such a nice sized room for hanging out with the fam!

Shad and Laura said...

Yeah- I think motherhood is just another name for jail- think about it.